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  1. I'm really having to limit myself atm. I still haven't played all the games i picked up in the Summer sale so haven't bought many yet. Picked up AOE3 complete last night and Worms Ultimate Mayhem for £2.74.
  2. Isn't gun ownership simply a massively snowballing situation? People own guns. Because of this, others want guns to defend themselves. More people want guns to defend themselves from these people. More people want guns etc etc. I'm not going to get fully involved in this debate as it could go on forever and I don't have time for people who can't see the obvious things getting people killed and won't even try to solve the problem. All I'll say is that to the outside world, north America seems like an incredibly unsafe place to be.
  3. If you get Steam loaded up. Click 'view' in the toolbar at the top and then Downloads. It should tell you if it's still downloading and working.
  4. I'm not sure if the price has been revealed yet. It will be a purchase, 'small fee' is what has been said so far.
  5. The game is actually closed until release on the 12th dec.
  6. That would be feasible if I had any idea on doing that sort of thing.
  7. So is it nothing on my end? Is there anything I could do at all?
  8. Quite a simple problem here (I hope). I've only discovered this problem on one site. The buttons in articles on the 'Gamesradar' website do not seem to work. For example, on this page http://www.gamesradar.com/wii-u-virtual-console-games-download-day-1/ attempting to go to the next page does nothing. Normally, and on other browsers, it will go to the next page in the article or the next picture, but currently it seems to do nothing. I'm using chrome, and have tried it in EE and works fine. It is the same for all the articles on that site, and only the 'next' and 'previous' buttons.
  9. Go back to school, or try whatever you can to get back there. Unless you have a plan in place to own your own business, I doubt you will ever live a fully comfortable life without some form of qualifications.
  10. Danqazmlp


    Elaborate? Anything by Tesla, Chevy Volt, Ford Focus or C-MAX. Or did you just want to get into technicalities, such as "most 'American' cars aren't built in America" or "you have to use gas to charge an electric car"? Electricity still counts as fuel tbh. You still have to stop x number of miles to 'fill the tank', and still has an amount of emissions stemming from the creation of the electricity.
  11. Danqazmlp

    Dota 2

    I've been playing it for about a week. Unfortunately I'm still pretty newby. The only hero i've really got the jist of so far is Ursa.
  12. They have apparently owned it in secret for about a year, and started absorbing the developers right around the time updates stopped...
  13. So apparently, Jagex have bought this game.
  14. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just finished the game for the first time with the extended ending and really like the ending. It felt like a real lose-lose situation, but when facing the end of civilisation, it isn't going to be rosy. My only quibble is that people like me who don't have access to multiplayer can't get the best single player endings. Why should I be penalised for not playing multiplayer in my single player game? Still though, the ending was incredibly teary for me and definitely a good end to the story.
  15. Danqazmlp


    I really do wonder how somebody can learn to drive in an automatic. A vast majority of the learning from when I learnt was clutch control. With an auto, all you have to learn is how to steer and do a theory test. think anybody who learns in an auto should have a second grade licence only allowing them to drive an automatic, needing a further test with a manual car to attain the full licence allowing the driving of any car.
  16. How will you feel when it's embedded in the wrapper of every piece of food you buy? Every consumer product? Sown into the lining of your clothes? Yes, this is most likely just as it appears on the surface, but privacy invasion is a slippery slope. It's bad enough that the mics and gps on our increasingly ubiquitous cell phones can be activated remotely. I don't need them tracking my candy too. LIke Alg, I am also a wee bit paranoid. :P It's not a slippery slope, there isn't even a slope. This doesn't really effect anything else at all.
  17. I think it does too. People are overly paranoid in this day and age. What harm is this going to do? Unless you are thinking of sneakily robbing a museum 24 hours after eating the bar, they aren't exactly going to be doing anything bad. I'd expect them to more likely turn up at your house/work/school and just hand you the bag.
  18. Is anybody else finding this game MUCH harder than the original? I think with the advanced AI, the army is incredibly tough. I think I've been coddled by modern shooters too much, and i'm getting killed with an alarming frequency. The section shortly before 'Surface Tension' begins, just after all of the test chambers took me so many tries. The enemy flank me constantly and do a fair amount of damage. I'm now at the dam section and don't really seem to have found a solid tactic for killing them yet.
  19. Been playing this today. Just launched the Rocker. The game is so good. It has small changes which keep the game fresh, but they seem very faithful to the spirit and feeling of the original. The game also feels so much more real, with must more unique interaction with the other characters, as well as the massively upgraded graphics. I'm honestly loving the game so far, and I think it's better than many games which cost money.
  20. Good guy. See, governments have this thing called order needing to be upheld. Since this is under the executive branch, the agency has no political leanings towards a particular party - they only worry about the stability of the federal government as a whole. So you can still talk about politics, why Obama is a good or bad president, medicare's flaws, and hatred of the American breuacracy. Only thing you can't talk about is overthrowing the government, on a regular basis, with the same set of people...But needless to say you can't do this in ANY country past, future, and present. This.
  21. Finally released, but the downloads are all bogged down so much, so I'm going to wait a few days.
  22. You guys are right. They found a direct descendant of Richard. The researcher mentioned in one of the articles the phone call he had to make to her telling her that she was a descendant of an English King. I'd loved to have seen her reaction.
  23. I picked this up in the steam store over the summer, and just started. Got to level 20, but i'd much prefer to play co-op. Unfortunately, the online community is rather scarce now and rarely seem to speak. Anybody fancy starting up and coming on for some co-op.
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