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    Physics, Music, Astronomy, Weapons, Technology. I maek chainmail stuff gud.

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  1. I guess you could start making money lol. No, seriously. You should start doing hunter or something like that. You'll level up pretty easily and make some decent money too. Even with green lizards,
  2. This is really cool update actually. First two tasks I completed were: Two large jobs at sawmill (23k woodcutting exp for this one) and to pickpocket 150 knights. I'm gonna use that noticeboard thing a lot.
  3. Yeah, i noticed that too. Worst part for me was when you fight that freakin heli, just after you find rocket launcher. I'm kinda worried about Xen part, where we're gonna face many alien grunts and vortigaunts.
  4. Dude, what did that poor headcrab do to you?
  5. Congrats! My 2nd 99 was firemaking. Jadinko lair is much better imo.
  6. Oh noes, update ruined my Freddie Mercury outfit!
  7. Fables for Robots by Stanislaw Lem, a unique piece of sci-fi.
  8. Squid and chips, huh? More cheesy stuff, yay! I kinda like bonus exp tho.
  9. The only graphical update I don't like is what they did to Dragonfire shield. It looks awful now.
  10. Yeah, I'm sooo gonna buy more bank space. Sigh, another poitnless update.
  11. You wish that people are unable to wish at all. I wish I had bank account with unlimited money.
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