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  1. Haha alive and well!! I still cannot remember why I stopped updating my blog. It was so so much fun
  2. I just cannot see the Beta being ready in two weeks. EoC Beta was not in this condition when it was released. I can run the current game version at 40+ FPS nearly everywhere, but run HTML5 Beta at ~15 at max graphics and just over 20 on the lowest settings. I know it's a Beta, but two weeks from live release it has to be better than this: Now I can workbench my yak ;)
  3. Does anyone else have any issues with items looking weird in general? Like a black haze around every item.
  4. Ahh yes you are right. I believe Optimus only took out a certain type of bot, or that's what was rumored around the HLF. My bad there.
  5. I haven't posted here in quite some time, so might as well make it a big post! Finished up my summer goals recently, one week ahead of planned. I maxed early in the summer and decided to aim for 120 dungeoneering and completionist cape. I knocked out all the other requirements for completionist cape before beginning the journey from 108-120 dungeoneering. Welp, I finished my goals yesterday :)! First off, 120 Dungeoneering: [hide=Bad Word][/hide] Then I had to do the new quest in order to unlock the Completionist Cape, so later in the day I got comp cape: [hide=Bad Words][/hide] Final color choice: A bonus! My xp gains over the past month or so (June 21st-July 24th - 108-120). All I did was dungeoneer. I had maybe one or two friends to DG with and occasionally had a full team of friends. Otherwise I did with randoms in world 67. Didn't want to join a dungeoneering clan because I didn't wish to leave the clan I was currently in. Last week or so XP gains: June 21st to July 26th - All the other XP was from doors within dungeoneering. I guess ferret rooms give fractional hunter XP (I would gain 1-5 xp/day) and 0 slayer XP the entire time :D Not sure how exactly Runetracker works, but my friends showed me these :P Blocks is a leech if anyone is wondering. It feels good, but now I am lost on what to do. I can see 200M dung xp as a potential goal or I could go for trimmed completionist considering I already have half the Castle Wars games played (noob days, I was a big CW fan). A lot of options for the summer :P
  6. Are they this desperate? Really now? That is such an amazing deal.. I am with everyone else, the choose your fate is scary. I think they're getting very close to putting the last nail in the coffin :/
  7. "Runecoins" seem to be the method of buying stuff from his stuff. When you click to buy Runecoins it says coming soon. Assuming they are selling Runecoins so people can buy outfits and such. If this is the only way of obtaining these outfits.. dear god.
  8. Tried ice in PvP last night actually and it isn't all that overpowered. It misses quite often and once they cast freedom, ice is pretty much useless as they are free from snares and stuns for quite awhile. I found entangle to actually be more useful in the deep wild (20 second hold).
  9. Did I miss something or was there any meaty content beside the quest >.>? Understandable I guess, they are working on Beta at the same time :/.. Duo slayer sounds nice :D
  10. So there are more people on RSOf than RuneScape, something must be seriously wrong with the servers >.<. Eh.. I'd be making my daily flasks since it's reset time for the servers!
  11. Omg you still have a blog <3! See you're just becoming more ownage than from when I was last here :P. Keep up the good work!
  12. Try using the downloadable client; it runs RuneScape much better than any browser does. It still happens to me occasionally, but I am sure not as often as browsers would.
  13. It says UK consumers so I am guessing that isn't the case. I'd guess that maybe people are the expo could have the chance to reserve a name, but that seems a bit far-fetched and exclusive.
  14. Rename "Tip.Iters Runescape Events" to "Tip.Iters Events, Groups and Teams" to better incorporate looking for boss hunting groups or partners for similar activities. I only disagree with this change.
  15. I don't post here often but, Congratulations SUOMI!
  16. I could post this long, drawn out post, but I'd be wasting time jumping into what seems to be an argument already. Personally, I think sex offender punishments should be stricter and I'll leave it at that. HOWEVER, from what I have seen, it appears the guy just had some bad luck. He doesn't seem to be some roving sex offender who used RuneScape to pray on children (we would have heard about it). Ok, he distributed child pornography and received 15 months in jail, that is such a small sentence you almost have to believe that he wasn't a big time distributer. Sending an explicit picture of yourself, or received even, while you or that person is a minor is considered possession of child pornography and therefore, you would be a predator. Some dumb girl at our school sent a nude picture of herself to a boy at our school. He, in turn, sent it to everyone he knew and it spread like a wild fire. Her reputation was ruined and the police were called. They received a search warrant and everyone within the school was advised, if they have that picture of ANY of a minor in their possession, they have the chance of being charged with being a sex offender. The police came the next day and just appeared as a threat to all students. They never carried out the warrant because too many people might have been punished for some stupid idea. It is really easy to become a sex offender; however, it is also really easy to be one and not get caught. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I believe he committed a mistake and was punished. I don't agree with Jagex's actions on the matter. Furthermore, they want to have good moral standings? Follow your own game rules that you have laid down and quit lying to the players. Jagex hoped to gain PR from posting all this information, I'm sure.
  17. I run a brand new computer with 100 MBPS internet and the RuneScape main page, forums, and adventure log take unbelievably long to load. The game is not the issue, just the main pages of runescape.com.
  18. The thing around him is the barbarian assault healer "cape." It's an in-minigame only item, well usually ;)
  19. Dat PvP inflation ending The rise starts right after PvP was taken out of RuneScape. Then it drops when summer starts. It has nothing to do with PvP inflation from what the graph shows.
  20. Many of people are upset by the direction the game is heading; however, they still enjoy the game and therefore play. You'd need more than a few hundred thousand members to quit, you wouldn't be able to achieve that and therefore a boycott is useless and ineffective.
  21. If this succeeds, it'd be really interesting to see. However, do to JaGex's past gaming releases after RuneScape, I'm very weary of this coming out, especially within a year. Also, I'm worried about the amount of money they will sink into this if it does flop. More refer a bot program type releases on the horizon? Moreover, if this does succeed very well, will they end up dropping RuneScape? Either way, I'm not seeing much good come out of this.
  22. Are all the bots that are subscribed to members not enough revenue for JaGex? This is good though, I can not only create five bot accounts and give them membership to make me GP while I'm in college, but they won't get banned AND I'll receive five weeks of 10% xp bonus on top of that! Better update than yesterday, tbh. [/sarcasm](just for the mods)
  23. We all know what he ment by illegal, so please don't spam a thread, with potential discussion value, with comments such as those. On a much different note, RWT is against the rules for sure, so is botting. Which is the bigger problem? That's debatable to the end of time. There isn't anything JaGex can really do since it is just certain players breaking the rules on a much different game. Steam should not have to watch over their players breaking rules on other games; I'm sure they have their own problems. It's Jagex's duty to monitor their players and ban accordingly. The responsibility lies with JaGex and the other gaming does not need to care in the slightest.
  24. [hide] Divine Sigil, 80M, wow..... Too bad there wasn't a snow balls chance in [a very hot place] that it would ever buy because nearly no one was dumb enough to coinshare corp at that time. :P I'm more impressed by the high-valued items page on the GE still being there. O how I miss that page <3: Wait, miss it? It's still there if that's what you mean. Now if only I had been able to afford those partyhats back then... [/hide] I distinctly remember the up-roar on the Third age/Partyhat thread when the high-valued items page of the Grand Exchange Beta was removed from the site. Just looked and I do not see it. Unspam I guess:
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