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  1. Okay, i have 65M at the moment and hopefully by the end of December i should have the 81m i need for 92 herblore. I'm not very well informed on the runescape economy at the moment =[ and would like to know whether it is worth buying the herbs now, or investing in some rising items or just saving my money? any help would be great thanks :) sumo
  2. i have 80m and will probs wait until christmas for prices to go down. any ideas on the cheapest method? i want to spend as little as possible... but no tar making or iding herbs, that is rediculously slow
  3. was just wondering, i'm lvl 123 with 80 summon, wanted to know if killing them in the chaos tunnels wasnt the best idea?
  4. say i put money in and stuff whilst being a member and then after a few days my mem runs out do i lose stuff/ stop gathering?
  5. i have used mummies before but was wondering if there is a better place to use 8k chins? don't care about drops, but if someone could tell me the crimson rate for nechryeals that would be nice.
  6. Where should i use it? and how long does it take before i can use it again? Im using it as a way of not losing money whilst alching :D
  7. Does it make money? And how much exp is it per hour? What plank should i make? thanks.
  8. Nechryeals in slayer tower every time, every world my pc can handle GE w2, But for some reason any BH world destroys it.
  9. 1. how hard are they to get? 2. are they a way of fast exp? thanks for all your help =]
  10. hmm i like that idea, i will change the post in the morning.
  11. sumosam8ti


    =D> i agree, there is nothing worse than being called a pray noob for protecting melee against someone with D claws, other than being called it whilst they are using the Smite prayer themselves. :wall: :wall: :wall:
  12. What will loose me the least money to alch at the moment?
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