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  1. Ok Thanks and also thanks for the platebody note. Just came back from a 1 year quit so I'm a bit rusty :oops:
  2. Hi guys, I just got Jad for my slay task and I would like to use my full slay helm as part of my range equiptment when i go in for the obvious bonuses. But I remember hearing that the accumulators bolt keeping effect doesn't work with metallic equiptment (even though I know that it works with barrows armour and stuff because I've done the fight caves with that before). Anyway is it possible that someone out there could confrim that my accumulator will work even with a full slay helm equipped? thanks
  3. That's terrible, the guy who killed him prayed melee the entire fight...no respect for the guy praying melee, [bleep]ing sad loser. All respect for the guy who died though. Dude, that like saying its unfair if u get killed by a guy who has arma gs while u got a dragon long. In my opinion he only have himself to blame. It is stupid to bring a green phat while pking. No.. if your willing to risk 100s of millions more than your opponent then you deserve an advantage
  4. lol like how the guy next to you is talking about his 76 woodcutting but you don't even mention yours
  5. You left out pvp updates, imo they were the most important update. Kuradel is a fun update to slayer so I'll put my vote in for that :lol:
  6. Don't you just love the memories of saying "selling fury 3.25" although a guy has been standing next to you for half an hour saying "buying fury 3.2" and considering it a brilliant merchanting victory when they eventually give in and you earn that extra 50k :razz:
  7. gratz, not gonna rate 0/10 because you didn't even want it to be in this forum anyway.
  8. I think we could beat RSOF because we would pull a larger percentage of the forum to the event than them because probably have a larger involvement and interest with this community than they do. Also we have a higher average level I believe.
  9. Just got Blackout III and moving EMP emblem, is naice :)
  10. Unlucky that you got hacked, but gratz on the profit :blink: We haven't talked in a while lol :unsure:
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