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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. im glad everyone enjoyed my article =)
  3. says the tip it editor. Xpx: All those new bonus only affect one target (at least the staff and extreme mage pot bonus) so it won't speed up your experience much at all. I also think addy plates are faster than a 3 bar rune item. its actually writer, and i havent even had an article posted since i just got in, under my clan leader asking me if i wanted to give it a go. says the person that goes around and trolls the forums.
  4. you all have wayyyy too much time on your hands
  5. Everything about runescape is obsolete now. The code, the graphics, the gameplay. Back in the day, maybe saying you were able to click more than another person made you "better", but it doesnt take a college grad to figure out how to play and be "good" at this game. It requires no skill, and you can say ppl fail and suck at rs, its more like they fail and suck at life more than rs. Any other MMO requires some sort of skill to it in order to do something and progress and be considered good, all you have to do is click one time on rs and your character does everything in combat for you. It's a fun game to pass time, maybe 3-4 years ago, but everything else is so much more advanced and runescape just seems to be stalling over in the corner. ill give the life of this game about 1 year, 2 max, all that will be left is the jagex fan boys.
  6. i havent suggested any on the forums, but around my clan, having the option to pay to make your skillcape double as an accumulator. charm belt, or bag, so that it doesnt take as many spaces to hold charms.
  7. i did them back in the day when they first came out, did 2 tasks, way before extremes, and used a zammy spear for the stab. most painful task ive ever done, and dont ever plan on doing them again EVER
  8. there are more, you have the ones that that prefer defender over dfs with full bandos, thats myself. and then you have the ones that slay in style, with full guilded, which tbh, is pro.
  9. it has happened before on rare occasions. it hasnt happened to me personally yet, but i had to listen to a friend of mine on vent complain the whole task because he had 0 pts to skip and had to do the task when he just bought auto hammer and didnt have the ability for them unlocked.
  10. its not just a 4 hour limit on just items you buy and sell. say you have an SGS and you want to upgrade to an AGS, you sell the SGS in the ge, AGS wont buy in ge now. All godswords are under the same item. this is to prevent buyouts and item flipping right away. hence why if you sell a gs, you do it in w2 and just upgrade in the same trade, makes it much easier.
  11. Got this and shared with a friend, gave it to him to keep later that week: Cuz i got this: Pretty pro
  12. nope, just seeing mainly wanting yellow+cash or disk+cash for ely, div most ppl were wanting a red+ which is outrageous imo. bout an ely the day before dungeon came out for 2 eggs, cash, and 2.4k unf wergs. had a bunch of junk from the eggs i bought, the egg crash happened and i got rid of all my junk, arcance, and spectral for 4 eggs. took all day to get rid of the eggs but i did get a 2nd ely for 4 eggs and cash since thats all the wealth i had.
  13. tittle explains it all. i know it is pro for bandos solos and duoes, but is it for it for arma solos? i dont know how sara brews effect range with it, or if im just better off bringing a couple of extreme ranging pots. price doesnt matter to me since i have over 1300 extreme ranging and 500+ overloads in the bank.
  14. sold my phat a LONG time ago lol, and next to the whip is a vesta spear
  15. 7 is items from missing my mummy, which im too lazy to finish lol
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