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  1. I say Nex because it's an amazingly fun boss if you go with good people. After all how many people know that Nex's shadow attack destroys planted flowers? Oh that's right all the fun people. (Very old picture before someone goes omg ely and rcb) As for anyone who says solo only, does this count? http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/4269/screenshot587.png
  2. Oh why thank you gaurd and fragg. I was starting to wonder if I was really the only one to have it happen since they updated her. I've gotta agree with your friend fragg these things are mega dull but hey I've gotten 1 range amulet so far so I guess it's all worth it. Thank goodness for turmoil and xpots or these things would take *forever*
  3. I don't think you can get a task from Lapalok and run to Kuradel to take a picture not knowing what happened... so your statement can really only be interpreted as accusing him of lying. Generally, I think it's rude when people call me a liar, but I guess that's just my opinion. You have to admit, it's pretty damn fishy. If he can prove it like he says he can, I will apologize and admit that I was wrong. Of course it's fishy they're aquanites =p Sorry couldn't resist. Bad pun aside, I don't think there is a way to prove it with my current circumstances but I can tell you I didn't lie and I don't expect an apology as I'm used to people on this forum having such replies which is why I generally don't post things as you can see by our vast difference in post count compared to join dates.
  4. That would've been saying 'Or maybe you accidentally got a task from Lapalok' not accusing me of trying to make a fake of something. Anywho I'm not going to be looking at topic again for a while. Enjoy the jagex fail. Ta ta for now.
  5. I examined her 5 times to get rid of all the other players messages since I didn't want to have to put black blocks over a bunch of random peoples names. As to the person who suggested I went to Lapalok I most certainly did not which is why I made the topic as it was a funny bug I encountered. Your rude conjecture about me is not needed. It was just brought to my attention that when I finish the task I can prove that it was from Kuradal. Now if only these things would die faster... Bah or not as it's my first slayer task complete since I've been using burthrope to go for some strykewyrms
  6. I didn't buy them though, she assigned them to me without me buying them. @ jettrider I know right? It's quite silly.
  7. Just a little more info that socc didn't include... There were at least 5 people one iteming with c5 daggers the entire time. I didn't run into very many skillers at all. We had plenty of people who aren't like socc and got a respectable amount from collecting lots of clay and using it. There were 20 people on both team. I've played with some non-combat sc groups that have cleared the map of clay way before time was close to going out and have never seen a team score over maybe 65k. I never heard anyone announce that they died with anything large because we were all careful about not dieing and/or not having all our skilling resources tied up on ourselves (or pickpocketable). So basically it means they had some special thing they did (I say special because it's not out of the question that they just know how the score is calced and they did something that isn't necessarily a glitch) because even if they had gotten say 1/2 the clay there is no way their score would've been 183k.
  8. Why didn't you tell me you were going to have a little party. I would've left Waterbirth for that. Gratz on beating me. and Gratz on an amazing level. (P.S. Green Dragon is cooler.)
  9. Yes I will be in this tourney also. However you should probably list the name beside "Short" as Shortman422 seeing as that is my forum name and the one people would have to pm to talk to me.
  10. Dance emote is noob, Beckon with Hard Hat is all I ever use. Great job Scopey I give it 10/10 (Soma's Death Void still wins so your suit fails :D )
  11. 1-Sara is harder but it isn't that bad at all 2-Not important 3-Chance of rare drop is *way* higher than that because commanders are higher lvl and harder to kill so it only seems like the drop rate is that high. 4-You really need some help with your guide I wouldn't be pushing off advice if I were you. Aside from that your sara team guide is lacking. The Invy:You only need 2 ropes the very first time you go. So I would suggest adding that you need to go place ropes before trip that way you can have a super attack and a super strength where you have those now useless ropes. The KC:I would get a picture off once you go down the first rope where the werewolf attacks the spirit mages so that you can have an easy killcount. I would also add a picture of the final level where spirit warriors, saradomin priest, and knight of saradomin are often fighting the gorak. Killing Zil: First off when you run you should run from corner to corner so you don't get hit. That will make her switch faster as well. Once you have her killed run to the north wall to get star off of you (that is the once that looks like a unicorn since you don't have them labeled). Then run to the south wall to get bree off of you (that is the centaur). If star and bree both target the same person once they have gotten off of you all they have to do is run to whichever of the north or south walls they are closest to. During this time the people should be killing star or bree first, depends on which one is attacking the person who has growler on them still (growler is the lion). Big miss on sara guide: You don't include ranging gear at all. If you have some rangers replace melee your trip will go just as well if not better. The reason it will do that is because zil is a lot weaker to range and it will be easier to tell who has zil on them resulting in faster kills. Rangers should wear their best ranging gear with void ranger gear working especially well. If you don't have void then karils and then black dragonhide. Ruby bolts for first half of zilina then diamond bolts for other half. Stop using ruby if your running low on food. Rangers should have 2 ranging pots, whip/scimmy to get kc, ruby/diamond bolts wielded with diamond/ruby bolts in invy, then 8 super rests, teleport to home, and then the rest saradomin brews. ^That is why you don't make a guide to something you've never done and then not accept help from people who have been. I haven't even read the rest of your guides yet and I'm a tad worried that they'll be just as bad.
  12. God Wars with lee is a blast!! (literally :ohnoes: ) It's ok though by the end of the trip lee wasn't making any more mistakes. He is fantastical Commander Zillina killer now :twisted: *psst* Lee wanna sara?
  13. Well not that I beleive valerie is right, but they do have an ancient wolf as one of the summonable monsters. Yet, they also give live birth. Then again I don't think every monster is going to come from an egg. Some you may just have to capture. Oh and great choice lee.
  14. The only reason you can't afford all the shiney new things is because you don't go to gwd very often. I spend most of my time there and I'm not gonna lie the drops don't come rolling in but if you go enough they come slow and steady. You can make lots of money relativly easy. The only problem is your doing 1 trip a day... That's like killing 1 abbysal demon a day and trying to get a whip. So basically what I'm saying (again) DON'T SELL THE PHAT YOU NUBBINS You can get the items fast enough. I started with whip at gwd and now I'm up to Bgs and tassets and I got 40m set asside for new summoning items and training. So just don't worry about it and for the love of pete don't sell your hat.
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