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  1. It's just for the quest I think, I went from 4 to 6 in one load and only got the normal message once. Proof: Leveled twice in that load.
  2. Less gold = 1gp is worth more = higher prices. Less gold = more deamnd (aat the same price) = higher prices And Primadog, it costs 200m for the shards alone, so idk how it can cost 44m for 1-99.[/i] There are a bunch of summons that only require 1 shard per but a more expensive secondary item, so yeah. It'll be hard to say the cheapest/most effective method to get 99 so soon, time will tell.
  3. Same way people get to lvl 99 farming, gathering your own seeds and buying them. If people can run 22,808 times around a circle for an agility cape, I would not be surprised if people can gather that much toads, or kebbit, or dagganoth hides. In this thread, we're talking about gp cost, not time consumed. my mistake, let me redo that one: Arctic bear 71 [image] Spirit shard x 14 Gold charm Polar kebbit fur 93.2 `13m / 93.2 * ( 14 * 50 + 47) = 104m Yes, I made a mistake on the formula there. Apologies. Point being, summoning does not cost 250m. Please, please refrain from saying so until we do the numbers. Mistakes happen, anyone that made one (even me) should realize so and correct them. Agreed, I was wrong on the price of the hides, my bad. But seriously, the methods you mentioned are virtually impossible (cept maybe for the dag hides).. Marigolds are only grown by (very) low level farmers, I doubt anyone is insane enough to grow 246k of them, or even just 1k. Just getting the seeds would be hell. From what I remember in chompy hunting, you can only have 3 bloated toads in your inventory at a given time, so I doubt that's a viable option.. The furs are indeed quite cheap but it takes a few minutes to get even 1 of them, so collecting over 100k? I doubt it. The dagannoth hides finally, provide a decent option if you consider your post, but still.. Buying them at that price could work I suppose, but seeing there are alot of people that will want to use this option (as it seems cheaper than most others), they will be very hard to buy and the price will most probably shoot up quite fast. Collecting them yourself is again just not humanely possible. They're either a rare drop from normal dagannoths on Waterbirth island or a 100% drop from Dag Kings, yet it'd take at the very least 30 minutes to fill up an inventory, and that's not even counting supplies wasted during that. In theory your methods could work, but practically they won't (or I should be very mistaken). In theory you could get 99 magic standing somewhere on a rune spawn with a staff, picking up the rune and doing a spell with it all the time, but noone will actually be crazy enough to try. People will most probably revert to the more expensive methods (using addy bars or the like) where the supply could allow it, instead of spending years to get it a little cheaper. Then again, it's only the first day and things might change drastically still, so we'll just have to wait and see : Or I could just be completely off with my assumptions :XD:
  4. Weird how you speak about misinformation posting rubbish like this though. Firstly tell me how you plan to get 246k marigolds, 149k bloated toads, 139k polar kebbit furs or 35.6k dagannoth hides? I can see the rune bars being buyable but not the other things you mentioned. Secondly you didn't factor the cost of polar hides in the arctic bear calculation. Thirdly, I might be wrong but I thought dagannoth hides were way more than 1k each, when I tried to sell off a load on GE they were ~7k each I think. Oh and your rune minotaur calculation is the worst of all actually. 13 million xp (about) divided by 756.8xp per minotaur makes 17177 minotaurs to make. Assuming a rune bar is about 12k (again as you said in your post) the cost would be just under 207 million, not 17 million. If my xp values are wrong, don't blame me, I just picked em out of your post.
  5. Cause I took the pic in 5 mins lol >_< didn't wanna go repair everything first and this is easier :P
  6. Actually it's not that far off, 14m cash (had something in ge) + 30m for dfs + 40m for bgs + 18.5m for 3a mage top is 102.5m. Add the barrows, robin and such to that and you get 120ish atleast. Besides, when I had that purple I had 86 herblore so since then I've spent ~130m on herblore. Even so, yes I'm a spender lol, I don't care much for cash, my bank holds everything I need to have fun so I don't see why I shouldn't spend it on useful items/skills. @Mazurizi: 116 now, I was going to try for 115 and keep it that way but considering summoning will raise it anyway I trained strength aswell so I got 116. I'm getting rc and mining to 70 surely but I doubt I'll manage to get 80 in them, some others I'm planning to though (thieving, firemaking, fishing, hunter, farming) @Shey: Not yet :P I'd need prayer for that (imo) which I won't get for a while considering these prices. @Toast: Yup lol, first I got a random when I wanted to cook the last shark, and then my (old) computer reboot so I had to redo a 3rd time :XD: Thanks everyone else for the posts :)
  7. 15960/30000 :XD: My fire runes, cacti, rune helms, dag bones, gems and heads all beat yours but sadly I sold/alched/used most of them up :boohoo: <3 the lobs though
  8. Phuh, Soma is a nub anyways :-w (you know why :wink: ) Added invent screeny with some of my bank in the first post. @Alpha: I prefer an all-around character actually but seeing I'm an avid monster hunter combat kinda got the best of me :oops:
  9. I did :P And I don't feel like taking a bankpic atm, it's way too cluttered, I supposed I could make an invent pic of the main stuff though.
  10. After getting 99 Herblore last month, I've been pretty close to this one for a while. Now that monsterhunting has become much harder, I decided to finally get it through slayer. I'd been slaying on and off for a while and pushed quite abit of xp today and yesterday so I could get both today. Firstly, I got this level that I wanted for a while, it's a nice step to 85 and Spiritual Mages are a fun task. After that, I was about 35k xp off my main goal so I headed to the skeletons in Damis' lair to get the last bits and now am able to present: 99 Defence One step closer to what I've wanted on my account since I started, hybrid perfection (99 Ranged, Magic, Hitpoints, Defence and Prayer). A little outfit I made up to match my cape, it actually looks better without a cape imo but alas :P I suppose you could rate that aswell considering how many people ask to rate their outfits these days. Here's a current statpicture for people that are wondering. If anyone has any suggestions what to get next, I'll be glad to hear them. Goals atm include 70+ all stats (still :P), 85 slayer, 90+ attack and strength, a decent summoning level (when it comes out) and eventually 2000 overall (should be much easier with summoning). Edit: Adding invent screeny with my "best of bank" I have about ~20-25m in various other slayer gear, skilling supplies, runes, pots, etc. but the things in the pic are the ones I cherish most (and use most). The barrows plates mean I have the set but my invent isn't big enough to fit it all lol. Keep in mind I've spent probably 250-300m on skills (most of it herblore :P) and lost ~60m due to trusting a clan member too much, though that was over a year ago so yeah.. I guess that's about all I have to say, if anyone wants to rate the level, outfit or stats, please go ahead, I'm also open for constructive criticism. Scope out.
  11. hi.. these drops are pretty good to me. I been down to dk many many times, killed over 300 rex's and still have never got a single drop. THATS RIGHT. no rings, no axes, best thing i got from rex is a rockshell plate so dont go around saying that they arent special, they certainly are special to me. And congratz on that axe u got there :D The "many many" times is quite funny to be honest, 300 rexes is barely 10 trips (considering you're inexperienced and solo maging) which is definately not alot.. A 300 dry streak there is very common actually. It's a nice drop but it's seriously not really post-worthy, it's the 10th or so post about this in like 2 weeks, doesn't that ring a bell?
  12. If you'll look at my math, you'll find that bringing mixes provides more healing than Shark. One 4 dose pot and one shark is 4 doses of potion and 20 healing in 2 inventory spots. 2 mixes is STILL the same amount of inventory and potion dosage, but provides 24 healing as opposed to 20. If Inventory space is so important to you, then a mix is actually more efficient for you. So say a lower level goes in the tunnel to kill Verac and Verac hits him for 20. He still has enough prayer to use protect melee but he wishes to eat to full so he has to drink 3 or 4 doses of his prayer mix thus wasting an entire ppot just to heal? Mixes might have some very limited uses but generally speaking the disadvantages far outweigh the slight hp boost. And speaking of high lvl monsters like dk's or godwars, most experienced monster hunters use sara brews and super restores instead of ppots and sharks.. *(4) Super Restore + (4) Sara brew = ~60hp heal (at 99hp, like mine) and 4 more prayer points than a (4) Prayer Potion *(4) Ppot + Shark = 20hp heal + prayer points *2 (2) Prayer mixes = 24hp heal + prayer points but very unconvenient
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