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  1. What, weed isn't a drug. Over here in California, weed is like morning coffee.
  2. Yeah, some of them have black backgrounds, fail users upload them that way because they see other renders with black backgrounds, not realizing they're transparent.
  3. Render it yourself, or go to a render forum and request a render.
  4. Nice and simple, just like you wanted. Actually there was a certain effect I wanted to try on something, but that will take time. And I wish the image was higher res. Interesting, I'll look more into this effect later.
  5. Stick with the top down, this way just looks bad.
  6. What the, was that a magic wand render? I'm tired of seeing all these shoddy renders, here's a real render for you: It's not something you can spend 10 seconds on and call it done. And here's a bonus for you, the render on the University of Florida's blue color, which from the filename I assumed was the blue you wanted:
  7. What are signature rules exactly? The Rules topic says, I quote: But then, in the gallery, in the test your signature here thing, it says: Then thirdly, if your signature breaks a rule, it gets replaced by this image, which debunks the previous two: What the hell.
  8. Don't worry bro, I thought the tails with pie one was pretty sweet.
  9. It's a type of explosive. Or one of these: http://planetrenders.net/renders/thumbnails.php?album=1 One or the other.
  10. Did I do this right? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. You know, all the bots I've ran into on world 77 were level 80+, with rune or dragon armor.
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