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  1. Due to school (the pressure and workload etc) I've cancelled my membership, and if I play again it won't be for at least another 9-10 weeks. I'm sure I'll probably be back though, it always happens. >.>
  2. Thanks. (: I'm faced with a dilemma. D: I wish to mine, but dragon pickaxes are dropping quite quickly, and I'd love to be able to buy one near their lowest point and make some money off it when I'm finished. So I have to wait a few days or a week or so before I can mine. ):
  3. I love your blog. (: Good luck on 99 mining, I'd like to get it too some day. It's a lot easier for me in p2p though. xD
  4. Told you. :twss: But I think if you can afford it you should get at least 92 if not 95. SS and turm are amazing. <3:
  5. 1m lololol. They're going up though so I might hold on to it for a few days. Edit: 2nd of the task.
  6. Your blog made me feel like woodcutting but then I didn't want to because for some reason I don't feel like afking anything at the moment, so I thought I could train it when school starts again and afk it while I'm busy. (: Long story short, you're quite pro.
  7. Nice, now you'll most likely have <100k level 3 clues for the next few months. xD
  8. Nice stats and progress. (: Talk to me ingame sometime and we could skill together. :twss:
  9. Well I got 93 back in November before I went away (you might remember) and used dbones for that because they were only about 4k each then and ashes weren't out. For 93-95 I used ashes along with a few dbones I had banked from slayer, it cost me about 13m. Because you're really good at grinding I'd suggest ashes because they're cheaper, or maybe even baby dbones if you wanna work out how much that'd save you. :P
  10. Feels good to finally get this, about time too, gets annoying when you get 2.3m exp in one hit. >.> Pony will be so useful, but my cashpile will be sad now. ):
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