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Plundering Treasure from Large Mounds of Rock

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Well hello Tip.it bloggers and forummers. I bring good tidings of the new year, discussion about my clan, more of my infamous pics and well...just some general fun!





Daily Briefing


I started off the day with some mining, star hunting to be precise, I mined two stars and gathered my reward for today and my stardust for tomorrow. With about 5k xp left and one of my friends begging me to come join him in exploring the Haunted Mine for a quest suggestion he's writing, I went to the mining guild and got myself a mining level (level 68 to be precise)


Me and my friend then spent some time running around an old mine, knocking down haunted pickaxes, sending glowing fungi around and getting beat up by haunted minecarts. Good things never last. His power line was apparently hit by a firework :blink: so i ended up all alone in a random mine...


I gathered about 20 salve shards just for good measure before teleporting out.


At this point however I really, really, really did not feel like mining anymore. So I said to myself "In what other activitie can i plunder treasure from beneath a large mound of rock." then it struck me, and I headed off to pyramid plunder. After the horrific experience that is mining xp rates pyramid plunder was like a breath of fresh air (or an icy gale).


After getting two thieving levels (66 & 67) I ran off to my clan's event, a game of stealing creation. After on game i felt honor bound to return to pyramid plunder but whilst getting that got into a small argument with my clan leader (don't worry though, nothing happened in disciplinary terms)...and to end the day I got 68 thieving.


What I unlocked.


Level 66 thieving: I now have all the levels necessary to complete curse or arrav...wait a minute...I boosted for that months ago


Nothing -.-


Today's Pics




Funny Cartoon




My Goals for This Year


Get 70+ in all stats...even the new one (faints)

Keep my quest cape...



Mass Haxor = Not-So-Mass Hoaxor


'nough said.

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