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School Week.




Hi guys. Maybe you thought i was gone...but you're out of luck! I'm here! I'm hungry! and I want PIZZA!




Weekly Briefing (RS)


Generally unexciting...it took me three days to do the penguin hunt (I hope that tells you how much time I have during school weeks). However I started legitimately managing my kingdom after noticing the recent spike in herb prices. First three days brought in over 1million gp and a zammy egg :D. the next two brought in 500k and a sara egg :D. Also got 63 summoning


Weekly Briefing (School)


Everyone at my grade is obsessed with this new game called "Bananagrams" which is speed scrabble in a banana bag...


I handed in big projects in Chemistry and English. And got an 101% on my test in Calculus (I skipped a year of math because the standard curriculum was too easy.)





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