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  1. Here's a defining question: Do you have stairs in your house? ... Side note: I live in an apartment, we have about 6 flights of stairs.
  2. Sleepy

    Rate my...

    My advice for now is, try not to use too many different colors, and use more shades of each color. You seem pretty new, there are some good pixeling tutorials out there. Try Googling for some and see what you can find.
  3. Not bad. Try using colors that aren't as bright, and something a tad more easy on the eyes. But the linework is quite good, it isn't easy to do detail like that with such a small avatar space. I don't really like the dots in the background; they just look kind of random to me. Anyway, my rating is 8.5/10. Good job. 8)
  4. Yeah, it's pretty dark. You should try to have highlights in areas, and have your text be white or another light color. I like your current sig, though.
  5. Sleepy

    which one!?!?

    I'd say the second one. But you have "75+ wc" on it twice, which makes it kind of redundant. You should also put a 1-pixel black border around the whole thing - borders tend to make sigs, pictures, anything look more "finished", in my opinion. You also could put a border around the green rectangle at the right, and the picture of the logs. I don't like the first one much because it has little to do with RuneScape, and the text doesn't fit it well.
  6. You're improving - however, try rather than making the skirt's shading go from outside in, pick a side and make it darker than the rest...and do the same thing with the rest of her (on that same side). As for transparency, I use ULEAD Gif Animator. I forget which version it is, I think it's Lite Edition. Anyway, in my version, the features are limited but the trial never runs out. To make it transparent, insert the image into the GIF animator (crop it first), and then set the transparent index to white (since that's the background color, which the animator will make transparent). Even though what you're making isn't actually an animation, ULEAD works pretty well for transparencies.
  7. Apologies for posting again, but I don't think anyone would notice if I edited my previous post. Here's something I made about a month ago. If you copy it into MS-Paint and then zoom in to 800%, you'll be able to see the dithering I used. It's a small picture, so I didn't use that much, but it's there. My other advice that I forgot to mention is that you should make it a transparent GIF image. (You won't see the white background; the background will be the forum background.) Transparent backgrounds tend to work well with pixel art, from my experience.
  8. Not bad, especially for a first try. One technique you could try is dithering, it's extremely useful in pixel art, and it can give you many more options even when using only a limited amount of colors. Dithering is alternating colors each pixel...sort of like a checkerboard. It's difficult to explain in a post, but I'm sure there are some tutorials on it if you Google for it. Now for the crits. The line-art is nice and clean, so good job on that. As for your shading, try to make it contrast a bit more - right now I can barely tell that you shaded it. Try giving it a light source...one side of her should be slightly darker than the other side...but don't make it too abrupt; use dithering if you have to. Also, shade a bit under the breasts and the arms.
  9. When did you last vomit? I last vomited a few years ago, I was sick with a very bad flu that kept me home from school for a few days. Not very exciting. Post your stories. (Strange topic. . .I know.)
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