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  1. Rage of Fury, In a Frigid War Agony and hatred in my own domain Acrimony and alienation under my own homely dwelling Outbursts of laughtered is heard Display of repugnance, abhorrence, loath and disgust When mentioned There is no safer place than my own domain But it is that very place that deliquesces my very fragile hope away A hope that is endured on a frivolously made piece twine Only grief? No Merely heartbroken? No Simply misery? No Wholly isolation? No... And no How many tears have I shed For just this? How many days have I dread For just this? How many hours have I bestowed to this one pain How many minutes have I suffered from all these chains This rage set upon my heart is real It rips through my essence as a finely sharpened blade This acrimonious, acerbity rampage fumed for me to feel Like a volcano set to erupt and rumble the earth at an unknown will The fury of my mind appears so vivacious An uncontrollable rhapsodical state of mind so graciously Fueled by not only sorrow salacious But by ferocity with an unstoppable rage Six years I've hidden myself Six years I've lived sheltered behind a mask Six years of living a garnished lie Six years of enslaving myself away from the world Camouflaged under a frail sheer Away from all my fears Merely six years... How will the years to come feel How will the years to come wither away my very soul How will these years perceive under my own brittle skin Merely six years What will come is not known But what I feel now is no less than a needle puncturing my heart and soul Everyday Deteriorating just a fracture more when each lie is told My quintessence sees a wary coming As for a future untold It is no more, but just for now
  2. I like the style of the sigs, especially the color tones. How much for one?
  3. I wish I had time to go out and take photos, hopefully I will be able to do that during winterbreak. Thanks for the comment. :wink:
  4. I don't know if you're asking for this but.. The area within the white line is the original render, which Jeb (the person I made the sig for) wanted in his sig... *Waits for the flaming* :roll:
  5. Before you start berating my sigs, and picture thing... the fonts are horrible, computer won't load anything other than standard windows ones :P St. Louis Skyscraper, zoom in http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/24712049/ Random render a friend of mine made Sig for a friend of mine, size is huge... Some C/C would be great :wink:
  6. Hmm... I have two flights of stairs in my house, one leading to the second floor and the other to the basement. I fell off the stairs a few months ago because it was early in the morning and I had to go to school, so I wasn't fully awake. So I sprained my ankle on my right food, and had to be on clutches for 2 weeks. :roll:
  7. Doesn't that make him a god to you, and you know what that means... Anyhoo, I like seeing stuff like this with out [shudder]renders[/shudder], keep it up. Alt well its a she so it will be a godess and godslayer only slays gods and no godessses.. 8) like the sig but give me a break here.. g-unit? are you out of your mind :P I'm an it. Okay that made me feel so much better. :wink: The sig isn't for me lol, it's for a friend... I'm not G-Unit lol.
  8. I haven't made anything in a while now, so some cc would be nice. Thanks. :D Oh it's for another forum, so don't bother to comment on the size. :P
  9. Hmm thanks for referring me as an it lol. Thanks Xman, i'll have to try the glow thing later, and i'll add a few more things :wink: P.S. I love this little thing... :roll: hehe
  10. Well anyways, someone in my clan posted his first pixel sig, so I made some CC on the moon in it. So instead of taking my CC he challenged me to make a better one lol. So I just made this :P Yeah it's a little plain, but it's only because he challenged me on the Moon only. So any feedbacks would be great :D. Thanks lol.
  11. So.... what brand of number 2 pencils do you use? :roll:
  12. 3 Pages long... I guess I can safely say people like to flame. 3/10 on the sig, practice. You say that you like it? Why did you want us to rate in the first place if you think it's very good?
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