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  1. as in ms paint or photo shop......... looks like he just scribbled with pencil tool over the black g.. how is that "stupid" lol...
  2. looks like poop.. what u do use a pencil tool on it :?
  3. Not sure if it does .gifs... but try GIMP..its just like ps..
  4. wmp does it lol...right?... just hit rip cd.. and make it mp3...
  5. w00t an update :D :D :D and for the guy said that macs sauk..is a bloody shmuck :lol: when a good mac computer is the best for movie editing and filming.. but MEH :lol:
  6. train anywhere with a full inv of stuff and boom alot of random events 8)
  7. lol funny.. its a random event *points at the word "random"* ..............
  8. search dragonsaber in the search author thingy
  9. nice guide.. I guess I would be considered a nooby noob :wink: but i have witnessed many of these things :lol:
  10. grrr can someone make a new guide for camtasia 3.0? 8) its almost the same, but the pictures are still out :evil:
  11. nahh they patched it up, it works perfectly for me when im doing simple video projects :wink: but yea it used to crash every 5minutes :evil:
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