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  1. Anything you gotta do ^^ Mining 60, Drag Slay, Total800, 400softclay etc etc :D
  2. Oh, maybe they saw it here? Either way, I didn't see it there. ^^
  3. This is lamity. I used to cut yews while I was F2P and read books. Now I can't do nothin!! :twisted:
  4. I can do graphic design, but not drawing. If you think you could use my skills at any point just PM me. ^^
  5. You seem to feel the same way as me about color themes. Black or white, neutral colours, and any other color always works. :D
  6. Japanese - Midnight Cc Cc was a clan me and my friends made when we started, if you looked you'd find about 10 people over the years with the Cc suffix, but I'm the only one remaining now. :( I believe it was supposed to mean Cash Clan, though my memory constantly fails me so I'm not at all sure.
  7. - Achievement diary - All the rubbish quests - Hunter, Slayer, Farming All of the above were, in my opinion, just rushed and badly thought-out updates that needn't ever have been implemented. Hunter and Slayer are just combat with different crap to kill. They could of just been part of combat - choose to fight, slay or hunt but NOOO... they had to milk it for all it's worth. Farming isn't nearly as bad but still rather poor. A well thought-out skill I think, but I still don't like it. Everything now drops seeds where more interesting drops could of been. Rubbish quests scribbled out to keep to their promise of regular updates. Achievement diary... my god.. it's just more timewasting rubbish. Since when did the universe aka the game start dictating what is and isn't an achievement? Since the achievement diary, of course! :evil:
  8. pmg ur jst a n00bz wut r u efen talkin bout n00b altf4 is da chaet 4 animals n000000b :P
  9. Yeah, well, my inner adult is frowning upon your jokes. :evil: But my outer 17 year old likes them. :lol:
  10. Not that my opinion matters at all, but none of those outfits seem to go with the santas at all. Moreover, the hats look out of place among all that blue armour. :S
  11. All depends on whether today is/was included in that number. :-( Looks as though my time is up, then. ^^ Thanks guys
  12. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I doubt they'll bring any other types of cannonballs into the game because, no matter what anyone says about RS being entirely fictional, they DO try to keep the game somewhat based on reality. And in reality, I think steel is used for cannonballs because it's an alloy which, again I'm kind of guessing, is lighter than other metals. I'm guessing a rune cannonball would be absurdly heavy and would do no less than destroy the cannon upon being fired.
  13. I heard if you press Alt+F4 and then Ctrl while fighting Jad, you get a secret menu come up and you can become the KBD :shock: Disclaimer: The above is misinformation and must be treated accordingly. In no circumstances does the author endorse the use of the aforementioned methods and would like to point out the best that can come of using it is character death.
  14. :lol: Perhaps to some, but not me for one. Most of the time I had a santa, I never wore it anyway cuz I had outfits I thought looked better, albeit millions and millions of gold cheaper. XD
  15. Surprisingly, that's near enough what I was trying to say. The difference between information and data is basically what you described - data is simply information without context. A phone number is only a number until you're told it's a phone number. A name is only a word until you know it's a name. ^^
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