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  1. I just had an idea, Jagex says a ship features predominantly in it, is it possible that "ship" is in the name? Like Apprenticeship or something like that? I dunno.
  2. Torsdag is Thursday in Swedish/Norwegian (according to my fail translator) so I'm hoping there'll be an update on, well, Thursday.
  3. What are you talking about? :unsure:
  4. You, sir, are the one who has no common sense.
  5. Heh, I'm on there I'm more worried about a possibly keylogger on the site, than any kind of mass hacking. Typing in passwords in OSK just in case :? EDIT: Sounds like OTM's post makes this not true.
  6. I'm sure you do, but i bet that there are alot less players who find F2P fun than P2P. If i were to bet, id say 70% of Runecape prefer P2P. But without real statistics we can't for sure say this or that, but i have seen P2P appeal more than F2P. Just Forum TIF has many of them being P2P. Naise random number. Stop grasping at straws and trying to force your point of view on everybody else. Wrong, wrong wrong. You're just making yourself look like an idiot.
  7. How? I've been everywhere in runescape atleast twice. Heck I go to like 70% of palces in rs atleast once a month The only places I havn't been are living rock caves, the tree spot reachable only by mobilizing armies reward, and the sara boss room in the gwd. If I can do it, surely others cane. Oh and the area made for the new tutorial? Which tree spot is this?
  8. Really? Are they seriously turning RuneScape into some Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic type crap? :wall:
  9. I will bet that a Cow Suit will be the Easter Event reward, Dragon Pickaxes will be released, and glasses will become available. At the end of 2009, this will all be true.
  10. I would suggest Penguin Points, Lamps, etc. I think One Small Favour could be possible at that level.
  11. I literally got 3 randoms in a minute. I'm not sure if you count this a a random, but... I was mining, "found a sapphire". 30 seconds later, Cap'n Hand gives me a sapphire. No sooner after I finished talking with him, I dig up another one mining.
  12. Great times, glad someone made this topic. I used to cut willows and sell to the general store in Lumbridge. 4 coins per log, and after an hour of cutting with my trusty steel hatchet, I had made 500 coins! I had heard about jewelry at port sarim, so I started running towards there from Lumbridge. Alas, a thief killed me. I was nearly in tears when I ended up in Lumbridge with 3 coins. Months later, I thought I had "beat" the game because my money went from 99999 to 100k! I even sent in a bug report to Jagex :oops: I made more money buying Rune Essence for 20-30 each from random people in Varrock East Bank, then selling to some of my friends from Tip.It back then. I amassed 500k that way, and then I found a new way: I bought logs from the Lumbridge general store for 1 coin each, then I would bank, and repeat. I would then sell for 100 gp each. Good times
  13. Yes, this is a new game I thought up yesterday. I start out with a word...lets say the word is "Grand" Then you would come up with a word that goes with this, like 'Mother' because Grandmother is a word. Then the next person could say 'Earth', because Mother Earth is a common term. When someone can't come up with a word, they start a new one. Get it? Start out: "Happy"
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