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  1. Jesus. I remember doing that many years ago. It sucked. Grats
  2. As a quick note, while the clan chats don't work across servers (because there isn't an option in 07), friend's chats do work. If it is that big of a deal, consider having someone in your clan host the friend's chat.
  3. Time to test my luck at magpies. At least I can get some mediocre runes for myself and some minor seeds for a friend while trying to score the big drop. If it doesn't work out, I'll be making the push for ninjas/dragons.
  4. If you had any interest maybe you should have voted anyways. Since you didn't vote, I assume you didn't want it from the beginning. You don't have the right to [bleep].
  5. They weren't too happy with me. "Damn comp caper knows everything..."
  6. Look at all of this free xp I won't use! Hooray for wasted bank space.
  7. I suspect that this is what we are fighting.
  8. Must know how Warning: Language [hide]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJdhLEYRZs8&list=UU5_DQkVxlTjRRxn0WF00n6g&index=1[/hide]
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