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  1. Haha i almost forgot about the trust game XD. I remember you couldn't go into any f2p world on lumby without people trying to do the trust game.
  2. They aren't going to know what hit them, they will have no idea how its going to be. And I agree with dragon, many are going to get scammed for their items, for example the "Here take this noted item and keep your whip on you" I think it used to be done with mystic bodies or something :o
  3. Lol@chatbox. Anyway, this is old but i never posted. All in one garg slayer task (about 200) , I thought F rings were rare :P
  4. Alright, I can't believe this happened, but it somehow did. Talk about luck. (friends pic, not mine) I know its happened to some people with whips, but with a solo hilt?? What are the odds?
  5. Thanks for the help, but it doesn't work.. Lmao. The program is running in the background but nothing is different I found this one review about this mouse and apparantly this is either a problem spread to every mouse like mine, or its just a feature that cannot be turned off. A very odd feature if you ask me.
  6. Ive searched and didn't really find anything. Its a "HP Wireless Optical Mobile Mouse" btw, if anyone knows how to fix this thing, please share.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Well i posted on the forums and a nice FMod got back to me, telling me that that 1 click should equal one action. Well I was sorta expecting that but whatever, Ill deal with it. And it could be somewhat helpful in emergency situtations where I need to gulp down a couple of brews in record time I guess XD. Ill stray away from using it, but If anyone has dealt with this before and knows how to stop this thing, please tell me.
  8. Thats true, they never really answer ur questions :S Ill try the RSOF in hopes of a nice Jmod answering me though.
  9. Yeah, thats the problem though. There isn't an option to disable, and after a few hours of using it, it gets really annoying at times. Theres nothing about it online, so does anyone know how to slow this thing down?
  10. The same way they detect autoclickers im thinking, its fast, consistent clicking. But im not 100% sure.
  11. Alright so I was just at Fry's and picked up a new mouse because my old one sucks. So this mouse is pretty nice, fast sensitivity, wireless, etc. The only thing is, it has a cool feature, if i press and hold the left button, it clicks multiple times, rather quickly. It only stops clicking when i let go, basically a built in autoclicker. I tried alching with it and it was way,way too easy but here comes the problem. What are the odds of getting banned for using this? Technically its part of the hardware, but I don't think Jagex will really care about that. Im kinda straying away from using it too much for now.
  12. I just tried that, no difference at all, i ran a speed test and got the same results.
  13. I don't think I have a download cap or anything like that, and speedtest says I once tested at 1.31mbps now its nowhere near that. Something went wrong but i have no idea what.
  14. Alright so I have had enough of dealing with my super slow internet, especially after I downloaded the BFBC2 demo Friday night. (It took 16 HOURS, and it was only 997MB's) So I found out my parents are paying 25$ a month for internet from ATT. Apparently the only service they have advertised for 25$ a month is Att High Speed Internet Express ( http://www.att.com/gen/general?pid=10935 ) It says I should be getting up to 1.5mbps down and up to 384kbps up. Now my speed is nowhere near that, Here is my speed test: Something is definitely wrong with my connection.. I just checked "Your Summary" on speedtest.net and it said I tested my internet once and got: What? How did I get a result like that on November 30th? How can i get my speed back to the one on November 30th?
  15. :shock: look at the symbol in the minimap somebody made with dropped items.
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