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  1. cheers, he definatly has no keyloggers/spyware ect about the customer support, howw do i actually send a message to them.. it seems to just bring up pages with information on and no real way to contact them thats the only bit we couldnt get around
  2. obviously he's done that but the guy who keeps stealing it somehow gets the acc back everytime
  3. on of ym friends currently just got their original account back from someone who stole it several months ago. The guy who stole it is capable of taking it back via the account recovery, is there anything ym friend can do to make sure he wont get it back again? my friend has financial transaction proof that he is the true owner of the account, can he get it locked? if so how? thanks in advance
  4. didnt they used to have tv ads in the US a few years back? im sure i heard about that
  5. if you enjoy it, who is to say anything? where's the fun in avoiding things you enjoy
  6. brammy7

    Inking test

    nice work, i done a little something like this few weeks back to try out this tablet i got a hold of
  7. brammy7

    New sig

    thruItAll: yeah i did take the pic, the full size ones on my DevArt (link in my sig) i didnt really wanna brush or add renders to it, but ill give it a try didnt wanna overcomplicate the theme of it with techy and grunge brushing it
  8. brammy7

    New sig

    any fonts you think would look fitting on this off the top of your head?
  9. brammy7

    New sig

    not happy with the font tbh, but i can work on that
  10. Dead to some, alive to others Jagex cannot please everyone
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