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  1. Err...I think i saw that pic in some forum.... *goes searching* ahh yes... here ya go, nearly direct copy from tutorial example :? look familar? http://gyre.is-a-geek.org/thug/angsig4.jpg check the site... http://ugvision.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=728
  2. Emm... well without information + ultimate booring heres result, tell me if you like it: I can change color and do animation and stuff like that...
  3. Ehmm.... I'm bored, so I guess i could try making something and just for warning I aint kinda starter, but if you want me to try, tell what should be in the sig? name? skills? animation? colors?
  4. mmm... I guess drunked dwarf is the most common for me
  5. Umm... ye i guess i should do that, i just seem to forget that all the time, but next time ill try to remember and fix some of those other ones ;)
  6. well... some tutorials ive been using: http://www.fusion-wire.com/index.php?id=teching_tut "teching up" http://www.operationg.net/index.php?top ... tuff/flesh some background tutorials... more in left bar... and well the rest... im too bored to start searching them from but those i found from: http://www.google.com and http://www.good-tutorials.com + help from friends
  7. well ive been playing with the program kinda long past few days (maybe even too long :P) and those last 3... well like i said thanks to my friend, because he helped me ALOT! :P
  8. So those were the last ones, but theres some new ones also, check and say what you think and what i should start using...
  9. ohh... just noticed that in that sig... above... in first 3 level the + is after level, and in last 2 its before the lev... :lol:
  10. yes... i know that these are just something im going to modify a bit so they'll get better... like below an example animated and even right size ;)
  11. yes in fact I made those first 3 using tutorials.... :roll:
  12. well... I once tried to make so sigs with psp... but they didnt turn up so good :P so these are just first sigs ive made in ps ;)
  13. Sooo... heres my first sigs made by PS... They ain't so good as you can see, but you got to start from somewhere ;) Most of them might look kinda plain, but I just didn't get what to add in them. Name was the hardest for me, I didn't even find good tutorials for them. And im taking advices what to add, what to remove, what to modify etc... First one... plain... Second... about same as first but different color in those bars... or whateva they called :P Third, same as before, just added somekind of square pattern to it... Here I made different one, same "bars" tho... Pretty much same as before just added some skills and stuff... Again another background, and different "bars" this time. And the last, and maybe the coolest? pretty much same as before tho... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok so here goes, tried some different tutorials, combined, tried my self etc... still trying some different text styles, so far haven't found anything interesting so i mostly stick the onld one...heres the results: First try after those before... nothing special i guess... (too big i know... was too tired to fix it....) And here... much better (thanks to my friend who taught me in few things) Same as before just different color.... Still same just different color So what you guys think whats best?
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