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  1. There a lot more than that in the game. I know I owned 3 sets at a point in time. Theres more then people think.
  2. The fury, rune boots, and barrow gloves? :-k :P
  3. People Here used to call me one the better merchants, I was one of the originals in Varrock, RSC... My bank has gotten me famous, I stopped opsting and playing really tho
  4. If I need an item, and dont feel like taking 3 minutes to get it, ill pay 100k for it. Ive paid 100k for pickaxes, gems, stupid quest stuff u forget.
  5. Kinda sad to see most of these are from RS2, its really beat.
  6. This game is not addicitve, and if you are addicted to Runescape all I have to say is one thing: Seek Professional Help.
  7. Sliceman was a adventurer- boy those good old days, chillin in lumby.
  8. thats rediculous and ppl at lvl 110 say they cant, i wonder if i can with my solid 93 combat:P
  9. I agree greatly here,all these barrows topics are getting annoying, it seems that thats all thats being made here, just search people.
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