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  1. Lets See......Lol I've been called a no lifer by alot of people including my parents (LOL they dumb) I've been called a nerd cause i had 99 prayer (you can only have it if your a nerd you know) Ummm Geek i'm not sure but mostly likely have been haha :XD:
  2. Haha......... You make me sick. This idea has to be the stupidest thing i have heard lately. You guys go ahead report all the 'autoers' and enjoy your warnings for obssesive reporting :XD:
  3. I got the shirt first :XD: then i got 2 hats and 2 pants, then the next day when they fixed it i got boots in 15 minutes, i was about a total of 2 hours 45minutes. I got about 50 nails, i gave up cause i was tired of banking :XD:
  4. Nope... but i had 2 2 2 12 something combat stats in begin if i remember right, could be wrong though, also combat level formula was somewhat different, but i don't think my combat could have been that low as 3, even though it was different then, combat level has been updated since at least twice (if we don't count a bugfix) If i had included the wierd stuff from RSC most people would look at me stupidly and say "What Are You Going On About" :-#
  5. i think the word 'Noob' and 'Newb' should be abolished. Everyone started at level three, so everone was once a Newb - yes that's alright, but noob is constantly being misused. To me and 'Noob' is a jerk that is just out to anger you or think too highly of themselves, they can be level 3 to 126, it doesn't matter, they all do it. I've been called a 'Noob' for talking to a level 60 while a i was fishing, is there something wrong with a 126 talking with another player that is that low? And the definition of a 'Low' player, it doesn't make sense to me, in my opinion if your level 60+ you've got a pretty good grasp of the game and arn't exactly 'low' anymore. Sure you get a few of those jerks that beg/complain/bug you all the time, but you have to remember....We were all there once too. I'm not sure if that made sense but it made me feel better? :-$
  6. 1. Whats your favorite outfit? Guthix d'hide with robin and rangers and guthix mage cape 2. Coolest looking cape is...? Slayer Cape 3.Your Bored, what do you do? Slay, or do fight pits 4. Whats your favorite room in your house? Cathedral 5.Where IS your house? (IN GAME NOT IRL lol) Rimmington 6. Favorite Color of naval clothing? (from trouble brewing) Green 7. Whats your favorite magic spell? (can be from any type of magic) Claws Of Guthix 8.Did you do the Achievment Diary? Yes 9. Did you beat karamja's tasks? (ALL) Yup, the gloves rule 10.Whats your favorite way to thieve? Pyramid plunder, or knights 11. Whats your home world? 64 12. Whats the funnest quest you did? My arm's great adventure 13.Whats the funnest skill to do? Slayer - it's always changing 14.Whats your favorite town? Shilo Village 15.Whats your favorite random event? Drill Demon 16. Whats your favorite weapon special? Anchor 17.Your at the barrows, what brother do you go to first? Dharok 18. Whats your favorite song on runescape? I play with music muted 19.Whats your favorite dragon weapon? I hate them all, especially scimmy 20. Whats your favorite way to hunt? (pitfall, net trap ect) Deadfall - i think it's hilarious
  7. what exactly is a 'Noob' eh? I've seen people from level 3-126 that are just out to anger other players. It's impossble to avoid ALL of RS because everyone has their 'Noob' moments, and topics like these are 'Noobish' cause what gives you the power to deem someone a 'Noob'? Everyone starts at the same place, it's just how you go after that. And about beggers? Just ignore them, they arn't hurting you, and i've seen level 120's begging, and they can get to most places of the game, good luck avoiding them.
  8. 1. Whats your favorite agility course? Ape Atoll, it sets my inner ape free :XD: 2. Whats your favorite Combat skill?] Prayer 3. Whats your favorite NON combat skill? Slayer, if that don't count Herblore 4. Wheres your favorite place to fight? Your or your friends house, dueling arena, c wars, or fight pits? FIGHT PITS! 5. Wheres your favorite palce to cut yews?Gnome Stronggold 6. Favorite place to cut willows? Barb Assult 7. Favorite place to cut magics? That tower place 8.Do you farm a lot?a fair bit, when i remember 9.How many pures do you own? What type? over 50....all f2p, all types 10.What monsters do you fight for clue scrolls?Jellies/greaters 11. What do you like to do with your friends? (mini games/fighting etc) Alching, fight pits. 12. How do you craft? (jewelry crafting armor etc) Everything 13. Favorite place to mage?Near a friend 14. Do you like graphical updates better or quest updates? if i have to pick it be Quests, but i like both 15. What new skill would you want to have? Nechromancery :wall: 16. Where do you usually make friends? (games fighting monsters etc) Everywhere 17.Do you have to look at a guide for an easy quest? No 18. If you could have any Combat skill at 99, what would it be? Prayer (i already got it though :XD: ) 19. If you could have any NON combat skill at 99. what would it be? Slayer/Rcing 20. Do YOU own a quest cape? Yes 21. Do you own a fire cape? Nah, don't plan on getting one
  9. I like the update, it looks pretty cool, And if the rewards are good even better :D
  10. My chat is normally set to ON, if it's not ON it's OFF because i'm not in the mood to talk - which isn't very often cause i talk ALOT, i don't think i've had my chat set to FRIENDS for like a month. :-$ And I don't think i've EVER had any trouble with people adding me :-$
  11. I find it makes enough difference to make it worth wearing when woodcutting =) A Friend and I were woodcutting one time and we noticed that i got about 2 nests to his 1, i was wearing the foot, he wasn't.
  12. that's a brine sabre (i think that's it's name), its a drop from the new slayer monsters Brine Rats, You need to to complete olafs quest i believe.
  13. friend of mine is maknig a pure, but he also wants to do some slaying, so he asked me what def you needed for black mask. Well i didn't know, so i looked on the items database, it doesn't say, so does anyone here have any idea? or if theres a slayer requirement?
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