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  1. i seek some fun. And community.
  2. now is way more epic, so i'd keep this rather than 07, but as for 04,03, i'de rather head back then. As the for the comment above me...THE OLD WILDY WAS WAY BETTER THAN THE [CABBAGE] now. As for castle wars and nostalgia...That's all true people don't realise that RUNE WOODCUTTING AXE use to be epic...I don't want to go back to that i like dragon :(
  3. A fresh fragrant smell that delighted your senses?

  4. I was attracted here by the smell

  5. Good hockey night in canada. So funny i asked my dad if i could go out tonight(last night) and he said. YOU KNOW WHAT CANADIANS DO AT 4:00 ON SATURDAY? I answered, drink beer and watch hockey? he said YEAH THEY WATCH HOCKEY THAT'S WHAT! so i couldn't go out.
  6. thanks for the link in your sig. I'll start tuning in

  7. Here's more advanced rules. 2 balls 2 teams of 2 1 ball in = drink that cup 1 ball bounces off several cups, all the ones it touched are drank. 2 balls in = 2 cups drank 2 balls in the same cup = EXPLOSION-all the cups touching the one with 2 balls in are drank bounce 1 ball in = 2 cups bounce 2 balls in = 4 cups bounce 2 balls in the same cup = explosion x2 basically win. BOUNCE BACK: i like to play in an environment where you and the opposite team have lots of empty space around the table, therefore it's all about the BOUNCEBACK!!!!!! Me and my friends get really rough when it comes to bounce back, if you get the ball back after you've shot, no matter how you get the ball. you call bounceback! 1st bounceback= opposite hand shot 2nd bounceback= 1 handed behind the back shot 3rd bounceback= 2 hands behind the back over the head shot. All these count for 2 cups HOW TO START eye-to-eye two best players go eye-to-eye and shoot. don't break eye contact and never pass your hand over the table. edit: We don't do gentlemans club after about the 3rd game... Like i said it gets rough with bounceback ;) it's all about having your "forehead foreward". :rolleyes:
  8. in regards to In Need of Intervention. This ties is in with recent discussion about GRINDING. I grind all the time because i too want to achieve those goals to reap the rewards or just to balance my skills. And if i'm going to train a skill i want to do it efficiently as possible. Unfortunately that's how it is. Sometimes i will go for hours not talking at all or contributing to any community. Although it's because i'm on here. I haven't found time to hunt impings or play a game of castle wars in awhile. Magic in dungeoneering, i tried that too. I think that 77 rc isn't so hard to get. i had 76 so i needed to pot, or finding someone that can join your team and make runes isn't difficult either, there is no lack of essence in daemonheim although it could be a pain, magic should be evened out. This new surgebox sounds interesting, if it's so good and tough to get ,maybe it should hold 2x as much? Would 250 work or i guess that would just span it out longer before you ran out...
  9. personally i like dfs. anti-dfire shield is too cheap for me. defenders slay though.
  10. i like to try and spin a pen in my fingers. although im not much at it.
  11. cod4, still ultimate. But ops isn't bad
  12. blonde is Amber and black is Marley. They are lab puppies 11 weeks old
  13. Canucks are my favorite team since they're closest to where i live... Although my dad and i have both been blackhawk fans since birth. I hope montreal wins because the french are crazy. Toronto better win this or the coach is caput.
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