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  1. oops my bad, but wouldn't it make more sense to have a seperate thread for specifically halo 4?
  2. Basically you need a ferocious ring for this, which you can only use in Kuradel's caves. Whenever I get a task like hell hounds, blue drags, or greater demons, I use throwing knives. This doesn't seem very effective, but it is... the fero ring increases each hit by 4 damage, and since the throwing knives attack very quickly, the 40+ damage stacks up very nicely. Regarding defense, you can either pray, or use a <acronym title="Dragonfire Shield">DFS</acronym>/healing familiar. Combine the fero ring with focus sight and the xp pwns :) averages about 80k+ xp an hour. here is an example of me owning gargoyles for 100k+ xp an hour. keep in mind gargoyles have a pretty decent defense and i still cut threw em with this method. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0WFrmJZCxI
  3. Discuss halo 4 in here, how do you guys think it will be like and are you going to be buying it. Here is a teaser trailer for the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deGwykkr2z8 I also got a twitter where I'll be posting the latest Halo 4 news: https://twitter.com/#!/halo4scoop
  4. the bow is really going to make me get into range, i always hated the arrow concept to it, and i couldnt stand the crystal bow, can't wait to be one of the first to get the bow!
  5. wait so you guys think that a dungeoneering room is behind this door?
  6. sick update, wonder if the new melee armor will give strength bonuses at all?
  7. happy new year everyone, so ripped feeling good right now!
  8. there was no word on it but hopefully it comes out soon so i can get 99 summ and 96 herb :P
  9. happy new year to all! this year i will be getting back into shape. (hopefully)
  10. 1. halo reach 2. cod black ops
  11. can't wait till free trade comes back and merchanting actually takes skill and patience again :P
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