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  1. People don't under stand summoning now, nor probably will. If they could, they could easily make as much or more profit than you are. It's not just a straight forward skill, this one actually takes some skills to work properly.
  2. You could not of hit that more perfectly. Everyday I get atleast 5 noobs following my, trying to sell me something, trying to get something from me, trying to get me to assist them in something that is on the other side of RS! I am tired of all these noobs thinking they can do anything aroudn us because were high levels! That is why we need following control, or some reporting action against them.
  3. I get that WAY to often. Face it people, you have a lower mining level than mine, either you keep complaining that you are lower than me or leave and get your own precious rocks! And usually when they say that 1 rock is theirs, I steal that one.
  4. You said that you paid for members, and yet you whine and whine and [cabbage] and complain over it's a members only skill. Irony.
  5. I'm going to need this when I start the skill in a couple of days...
  6. And with that, I scream at the top my my lungs: MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thought you were getting a new skill huh!? Too bad! It's ours baby! You knew you weren't gonna get it, we pay for our updates. Flame me, go ahead, I had to say it.
  7. F. End of story. Us members have the higher PKing capabilities, access to better food, better weapons, better training to get higher skills, better weapons, barrows, dragon, better spells, better range, know how to survive against a flood of enemy's. Etc. Etc. Etc. Face it, we would win, numbers mean nothing against strength in this case. And that banning of the losers(F2P) is something I've wanted for a long time.
  8. Th new updates angered some players, and have been said in many posts etc., and I guess they will either stay off until its fix'd or until they come to their senses.
  9. Well it couldn't hurt could it? Given that if a hacker got your account, and changed the pass, without the bank pin they have everything. They could sell your account, and without a pin, need no more time trying to get full access to it.
  10. Well thanks for everyone who posted :D From all I got here, I will keep all of the prayer, strength, and attack pots until after the PvP update, but will sell the fishing and energy pots soon.
  11. First off, I am not trying to sell these here. OK, I have been sitting on all of these pots forever now and can't decide whether or not to sell all of them. Checking the GE for the current prices, I could make 2,472,564gp total from these pots alone at highest price. I have: 209 Prayer pots, 507 Super attack pots, 171 Super strength pots (will have about 100 more after I finish these last pots), 450 energy pots, and 255 fishing pots Again, not trying to sell here. And I just can't make up my mind about this matter... Anyone think this is a good idea or bad idea?
  12. I personally went to members when I was level 3, skipping the entire f2p phase, actually took tutorial island on my home,members, world, 66. And I am glad of that fact. You don't need to get your stats up to a certain level before joining, and your stats now would be good for members anyway.
  13. Lighthouse. There, they are less aggressive after a time, with a cannon are easy to kill, and usually a couple others to help kill em off so you don't get too swarmed. The waterbirth place has ones that are very aggressive, and cat hit pretty high. So the lighthouse is your best bet.
  14. I think that construction being a money drain in the first place is ridiculous. Ya I know that they needed something, but an entire skill for a money drain is too far. I like construction, building a house, and of course, all the things in the costume room that can save space. All it is now is a small way to get money from the players. Not too many people still work on the skill. I would like too but with the meager money I do have usually goes towards other skills. Yet I still do fins some little cash left over to but a new item. I still think they should lower the prices, and make a regular skill, not just a money drain.
  15. Great guide! Now I can finally do that clue and not worry too much about them :
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