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  1. They haven't updated Prince Ali Rescue related stuff on this quest either, hah. This guy sure deserves to be called a spymaster. Osman tests out EoC Osman explodes as Scarab hits him.
  2. This is actually a big let down, might aswell unsubscribe next month and wait for SW: TOR and such. :mellow: Just wasting time when the updates get so poopy
  3. Mark said no roll back in his CC, got no pic of this but there are some on the update thread.
  4. Well, those who hoarded them for PKing shouldn't whine anymore now. Mark said that the 3.6k was the most that individual was selling on ge. Wonder how many alched and such then. 50ish having 1k+ ? Yeah. 50000 boots is still more than 2bil geepees. oh and 3.6k = 162m when alched, that's about the same I've gained through Slayer... wow.
  5. Thanks, I tried it today, got 67 banked in 12mins I think I'll catch at least some of them on my own, but as I'll have to get myself 7.4k of them + 1.5k obsidian charms and 200 talon beast charms I'll have to see if I will have any power left for them, lol.
  6. Alright, are you able to use bob with them?
  7. Right, so I'm going to collect my own lizards for summoning. However I have never banked them, could someone tell me the best way to do so? I have kharyll tele in home if that helps, have 77 hunter and stuff. This is a bit noobish question but, whatever. Oh and avg/h would be nice
  8. Looks pretty. Finally some luck :^_^: And this is from a span of 2 days, gonna sell 2 sols and keep one.
  9. Juader


    Right, so I've now gotten 2 sol drops which means I got them for practically free. SoL's price has dropped 1,3m since I got the first one and 300k since the second one. So that's practically 1,6m lost in value. So should I sell them now when I can get more cash out of them or do you think that the demand for them will go up and supply rather low since they are quite rare (= Keep them). The thing why I haven't sold them yet in the first place is that I promised to keep all drops in my bank until 99 Slayer, but I don't know if it's that good idea if I see that items drop a lot in value.
  10. My only real luck streak was 8 months ago or so at Nechryaels where I got 5 b2b Rune Boots, then Runite bar, then b2b Rune Boots again, it was amazing. On the other hand I haven't gotten boots in ages + I blocked them because they started annoying me. Sadly I only got the task end pic On other monsters I'm really below the average ratio. At least so I think.
  11. Assuming I'm around 7 minutes under 105 str and att and longer >105 wouldn't it balance it out a bit?
  12. So, at the moment I'm on normal prayers and keeping superhuman strength on always. I repot when I hit the base level so I'm a bit cheapskate. Would berserker prayer be able to replace superhuman strength? So I'd probably use 1 p pot / task or so, vs the current 2-3 with superhuman str on. Considering that I'd repot at 105 or so instead of current 97. 74 Pray 97 Melees. What I mean is that is it as effective as my current method, or slightly better? worse?
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