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  1. Ok im confused lol. Btw i am keeping it at 100% favour. ***PLEASE HELP*** Can i see how the kingdom is fairing without getting my rewards? ((To see how much money is still in the coffer?
  2. I know its still under contruction. I'm making the laws atm. i suppose i can make an invo picture, thanks.
  3. World 46 is the ape atoll agility course world.
  4. Hello, and welcome to my money making guide. ***THIS GUIDE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT KNOW THE FASTEST WAY TO RUNECRAFT*** My Money making method is runecrafting law runes or nature runes. Requirements: Runecrafting 44+. Have 5+ charged glories. Must have at least 100k Patience. OPTIONAL: Small, Medium, large, giant pouches. Heres what your invotory should look like (Depending on your level) You will need a certain runecrafting level to use each pouch. Small level 1, Medium level 30, Large level 50, and giant level 75. Firstly, you'll most likely will be going through the abyss. So heres a possible set-up. Head: >Nothing>Beserker>warrior>Farseer Amulet: >Glory Body: >Nothing>Dragon-hide Legs: >Nothing>dragon hide Weapon: >Rune axe>Rune pic Shield: >nothing>DefenderElemental shield Hand: >nothing>Abyssal Brace> RFD gloves Arrows: >nothing Ring: >Nothing>Ring of life cape: God cape>Legends>Skill cape Here is a map by Tip.it showing the abyss and its rifts. ____________________________________ >The Method< Step 1. What you do with your money. Is buy 1k pure essence. Step 2: Runecraft 1k Law runes or nature runes, through the abyss or the regular route. Selling 1k laws/nature runes to someone for 300k-350k. Then buy 3k pure essence. SOLD: 300k PROFIT: 200k (firstly buying the 1k ess then selling your runes) Step 3. Runecraft 3k laws or natures. (most likely gaining couple levels) Step 4. Sell then for 300k ea 1k. SOLD: 900k PROFIT: 600k This process can be easily done over and over. You just need patience getting the runes. _________________________________________ Law making Process: Some of you might think that running to the law temple and back is better. It can be sometimes, you wont have to worry about rc pkers. and that you will not be able to bring any weapons or armor into the rift. personally I usually run to the altar other then the abyss. Thank you for reading my small $ making guide! Any questions please post, if there is anything i can improve or anything i need to add please tell me, but please don't be rude about it, Saying "this guide sucks" because this is my first guide. __________________________________________ FAQ Why should I bring abyssal brace? -You should bring it because it helps protect against skulls when entering the abyss. Why should i bring 5+ glories? -The process is going to the abyss, find the rift, runecraft your runes, then use your glory to return to edge, bank runes, withdraw more p ess. You want more glories so you dont have to go back to the Heros guild to recharge them. Why should I bring dragonhide? -You should wear dragonhide because theres abyssal pkers that usually do the following: Teleblock, Ice rush/burst/barrage and snare on you. That it also why ring of life is important. How do I get the pouches? -You can get all 4 pouches from the abyssal creatures in the abyss. ((NOT the slayer monster)) Thank you for reading and i hope you find this a little useful.
  5. I just put 1m in the coffer. 100% maples, 50% herbs. How long should i wait to go back?
  6. hey.. how do you do all that? Can you tell me the steps ? I know building then removing lol, but I didnt see a butler in any of your pics, so what do you do to get more planks?
  7. I thought you could get banned for that.
  8. Yea that happens to me alot.
  9. To raise your smithing, what color of spice do i need and how many doses of it do i need to raise it temp? Thanks
  10. It took me 2.4m to buy the oak planks. I made oak larders, and w/ teh demon butler. Its actually a VERY fast method.
  11. 8/10 pretty cool. I think the saplings lol. Third post :P
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