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  1. nostalgic as hell, though i havent been that active on this forum. started playing back in 4th grade, and i just graduated high school...
  2. what in the world are those things?? did things really change alot after I left for a while lol?
  3. Forum Name: badlilmonkey Picture Name: Skaterlam Picture: http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/8416 ... lamqb3.png
  4. ok first, this isnt japanese, its chinese.
  5. wow :shock: i dont think i have the effort to write a thesis essay on something like runescape, especially when its not graded or anything. anyways, i dont think wealth can bring you happiness because with all the money i can have, im still seeking entertainment and such from castle wars, pest control and anything else that can fill my boredom. but dont be way too serious, its just a bunch of pixels :mrgreen: be more concerned about real life instead :wall:
  6. I've been reading the newspaper today (shocking for anyone that plays rs) and found this article in South China Morning Post (HONG KONG) yes the news got that far :shock: Here is the article: Discuss. EDIT I probably have some typos because this was handtyped onto the computer. Im guessing the amulet is a fury? and the mask is like....a halloween mask or animal mask
  7. [hide=] I lol at you, because: A: you seem to have dyscalculia B: You are the biggers lying nub i've ever seen lol why? Even a 6year old child without a calculator could see that your total lvl doesn't match with the levels your sig says you have....so i went and looked you up in the highscores, and i fell off my chair laughing.. why does your sig say you have skills you dont even have lol, here we go: Smithing: you claim to have lvl 54 smith, not ranked in highscores (rank 2,000,000 smithing has 40 smith) :: LIE! Herblore: your sig says you have 78 herblore, ya right... not ranked in scores :: LIE! Slayer: Sig says 37 (rank 900,000 in scores has only 30 slayer) ur not ranked :: LIE! Construction: you claim to have 76 construct? lol ..not ranked :: LIE Woodcutting: sig says 87, not ranked :: LIE Fletching: sig says 78, not ranked :: LIE Farming: 93 farm? ur not ranked :: LIE Hunter: sig says 78... not ranked :: LIE Fishing: 99 fish? LOL! your not ranked in fishing...i got a nub fishing lvl of 67 and im still ranked...kinda far fetched to have a fish cape when you are not ranked.. :: LIE Runecraft: 94 runecraft...o please...dont make me laugh..also not ranked :: LIE Above your sig stands, latest acount...lol...do you really think we are that dumb? making people believe you have epic high skills? Your just one big, epic failure lol =D> \ :thumbsup: [/hide] i will laugh so much if it turned out your findings were wrong lol :lol:
  8. [hide=calm mourner] bit of respect for your late auntie... way too many smilies for the mourning period, try this one :cry: [/hide] wow i agree, you seem creepily calm for your aunts funeral.....anyways, i wish it'll come sooner :P i
  9. [hide=update pic] [/hide] OMG full screen looks AmAzInG!!!!!!11111oneoneoneoneone
  10. dude, i dont even know how you people can recognize TIFers....theres just too many to remember lol? or do you guys just stalk TIFers from the lightning clan chat?
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA i really fell off my chair laughing this one...and now my mum is like "Whats wrong???" :lol: :lol: :lol: =D> =D>
  12. Mike (Harpoon) found that first tbh. And that's awsome cause my fav summon creature is that sinister looking squid. OMG thats cool...going to catch some now :P
  13. A split down the middle of the life rune...........but I don't get WHY is it placed near somewhere its so...populated? i mean it should be like on a hill or something, and not near Falador lol. Please dont flame me :oops:
  14. OMG really??? she was in 132 yanille fletching guild and i was like "Nice name." without knowing lmao! oh and btw i made an account just like hers....except its 5acred :lol: sue me :thumbsup:
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