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  1. id defiently would have to go with cook/fletch, but im starting to see more and more and more quest capes, so theyre becoming less honrable in my opiniion
  2. i was merching rares in fally park w2 and this guy tradaed me. It was 5mil and a zerker ring. i accepted ad went to the forums. but i didnt realise he took away 3 mil. i was so close to pressing accept when i didnt see he changed. i saved myself tons of money :)
  3. Get up your defence/magic/ranged/slayer/prayer and you'll be good. With 75+ magic, 60+ prayer, 75+ def, and 70+ range i use no ppots at barrows
  4. Ok so im bored and im doing this because of that Please choose on of the following Put a * for 1, +for 2 and a - for numba 3 1. House M.D. 2. 24 3. Hell's Kitchen
  5. please tell me i plan on making a guide to it so thanks
  6. hehehe left half from fire giant while i was training . maybe like 57 kills?
  7. wow. this guy thats following me doesnt know how to add freinds, or trade lol. and hes level 91
  8. hmm i think your right, it is just better to add ignore
  9. my freinds and i each made an account, each starting with Scratch. Scratch Dog, Scratchlax, Scratch Cat, Scratch Mime, Scratch Me0, and Scratch Rapp. A couple of these people stopped playing after only a month or two.
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