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  1. yes, they start from f2p. As they grow higher in levels they move on to members. :anxious:
  2. Quality was bad, no idea what was going on :-s
  3. Runescape is a Java game, so it does not use frames by frames. Only macromedia does. I think... :uhh:
  4. Its already happening in other country like New Zealand where people can not sell game currency for real life money. :mrgreen:
  5. If Blood crafting ever come out, pure ess will rise :D
  6. I never really liked monotonious merchanting. I rather kill abbies for cash. :D
  7. Way too much mini-games :shock: But i hardly go to any :mrgreen:
  8. One of my rs friend had that kool looking white boot everytime we go f2p pking. This when it first came out :mrgreen: Got members and found out it was desert boots and only cost 2gp :uhh:
  9. :mrgreen: the more we know the more we grow! :XD:
  10. The more people do this, hopefully Barrow Items will drop in price :mrgreen:
  11. u quit :mrgreen: u'll be back, 100% ganurentee :XD:
  12. Here's my Adivce -In a clan? Fish on clan Home World -Spend too much time on world 2/18 merchanting? Fish on world 2/18. -Whats your favourite number which is aprt from the ones Runescape Server doesnt have. -Is your mate fishing? Go to there world and fish with them. -Click on the top, where it will select the best world for you. :3>
  13. Of all smart people i thought you would have figured it out, that some people find it better to be lazy then not. Time is money, and typing these days mean time, so a few words un-properly typed out doesn't make them dumb. Or have a low IQ. Im just disgusted by your theory and yourself don't practice it? ..Hypocrites.. pfft People not only do it on Runescape, they do it in any multi player game while chatting. People use it in text messaging (txting) in real life. Why? For if you properly typed something on a cell phone text, i bet you would of paid half the amount of cash if you use shorter words, slang, etc. Can't handle it? Well, why not get the goverment or high authority to banned cell phones and multi player gaming? -.- And fail them in English Class if they don't abide in the system.
  14. Tell hime that 600US cash sould of help people that actually needs it :-X
  15. aww, should of tooken some pics of the stuff you were dropping and people spamming trading you to give freebies O:)
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