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  1. RSN: Dandude5008 Requesting: gilded altar Timeframe: anytime im on...let me know what time is good for you How to Contact: pm me in game. or reply here Additional Info: Ive only got about 250 bones to do
  2. consistantly, we wanna make money off of this, so were going for a while, with bunyips, and stuff we can stay for a long time each trip
  3. I'm looking for two, consistent KBD partners. Must be: either 80+ attk, str or range, 80+def must know what theyre doing at Kbd, must have all the equipment, food, pots etc. post here with ur rs name and basic combat stats. And then lets get some visages :0
  4. and against the kbd (black drags are my slayer) are they better or worse than barrows gloves?
  5. do dragon slayer gloves and Black mask stack? basically, do the effects both work or does one cancel out the other?
  6. It happens, with any we based server. itll be up soon enough. im sure theyll post on the website how long we have to wait. also im sure some kid sent in a bug report already, so theyre deff aware of it, dont overcrowd them with reports!
  7. its a shame, im definately losing my cape over this one, because im not gonna waste my time training random skills just to get it back. and I was proud of my smithing and crafting lvls lol
  8. No, make sure to remove them before you log out so you don't lose them. well thats deifantely wrong bc i didnt lose any items...but do they sell?
  9. do your items still sell if youre not logged in?
  10. Did MTK stop giving magic seeds? I just got over 200 nests without a single one.. got 5 spirits though
  11. "All right, why do you think alcohol is bad/evil? No offense, but other than mommy telling you it's bad, what problems do you have with someone drinking responsibly and in moderation? Sorry, I can't really respond properly until I hear your full perspective on the issue. I.e., I can't counterargue until I know what I'm arguing against ." Why is alchohol bad? Is that a joke? Alchohol impairs your ability to make decisions and act 100% of the time. This isnt a side effect of alchohol, its the EFFECT. You feel semi-distant from the world and cant make decisions well. O and theres a reason that all the mommys of the world tell you its bad. It is. Generally parents say things are bad because they are. (Generally :-$ ) O and arent we a bit off topic?
  12. You do realize you responded in precisely the same fashion I told you not to? Oh, and with a condescending attitude to boot. Flawless debating style. Way to reinforce the fact that you are exactly the kind of person I thought you were. quote] Wait, so if you knew it was going to be said why did you post that comment anyways? I'll stick with being "the person you thought I was" and still try to keep these forums clean.
  13. Well, then I'm sorry that you and half this goody two-shoo forum have fallen into the nerd mindset of pathetically dichotomously placing alcohol and sex into the "bad" category, while stuff like playing Runescape is in the "good" category. Wanna know something funny? Ghandi drank a ton as a kid. Ghandi smoked a lot as a kid. Hell, he was one of the most disobedient SOB's a parent could have, and that was in frikkin' India. But hey, you guys are right, he drank and smoked, and turned out to have a sucky life and be a burden on everyone. If addicted to those substances, yes, they can be problematic. But in moderation, they can be great for experiencing life. Me, even as a teenager I'm more of a fan of wine than beer, but I've got no problem with a buddy cracking open a beer and relaxing for a bit. Sex with a long time girlfriend? Whatever, just use protection, sex is chemically known to increase metaphysical bonds anyways, so more power to ya. The same goes for Runescape. In moderation, it's fine, it's great relaxation. Problem is, you guys are comparing being addicted to something to doing something else in moderation. You're trying to justify your addictions by saying that someone having a drink at a party is a bad person, or at least does a bad thing. Drinking alcohol is not a bad thing. Alcohol is not a bad thing. Seriously, this is such a frikkin' stereotypical puerile introvert mindset- listening to everything mommy tells you and don't even think about it for a second, making the other person the bad guy so you can be classified as the good. Hell, a few beers would be good for you guys. Grow up, get out of your frikkin' dark corners and experience the world for crying out loud, it'll do you a bit of good. And I'm not just making this point for him and his statements about said discussed matters. I'm making this for everyone. This forum's chock-full of young introverts, so I hope you all get the message and try and absorb it rather than incessantly lashing out against it. I have nothing against Runescape, it's great fun and great for relaxing after a hard day. I have a problem with justifying an addiction to it, or even just trying to justify it at all. If you think you have an addiction, do what you can to get rid of it. If you don't, then don't feel a need to justify your fun when there are are no points available to be utilized for justification. Just enjoy it, m'kay? On a forum such as this It is not the place to be advocating drugs and alchohol. Honestly you should know better.
  14. im not saying Runescape is the most amazing thing ever, its just amazing in comparison to some of the alternatives. Now its not an "educational program" but though u may not notice it, you do get good effects from it.
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