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  1. Whats the best place to chop yews?
  2. Hello I'm Shadow_fox99 and I'm going to start playing Runescape again. I'm in the Airforce currently stationed in Spangdahlem Germany, So my overall time to play is limited. To my surprise after 2 years my account is still alive and some how not magically erased. Anways, the last thing I rember doing befor I quit was doing Queen runs (D-Chain was 20min Each at the time) and getting my fire cape (Which yes, Was a pain.) With this being said, Im wondering after 2 years what has happened to the game? What are the new/best/most efficient ways to get XP? What are all these new mini games? What new weapons/armors have been added? What are these 2 new skills I see? I probbly will be updated my acount within this week to members also. Anyways, Thanks for the help and Im looking for some positive feedback so I can quickly start playing again.
  3. The great Pixelator him self enters... interesting.
  4. I don't think we even need to finish the competition. Just give him the prize. At any time if I feel like its necessary, I will drop this whole contest. The fact is I'm providing all the prizes and I dont want spam like this taking up entry spots in our contest. Grow up people.... Also, to every one who PM me about being a judge and anyone who would want to PM me about be a judge. A one sentence statement just asking to be a judge is just not going to cut it here for the most part. It would be nice if you actually said why you wanted to be a judge or what qualifies you as one.
  5. Mirrorforced has just been accepted as a judge. We are still looking for one more, so if interested pm me. Remember, if your a judge you won't beable to enter a custome for this contest.
  6. A gnome togue? You can't be serious... I have seen, faught, and died to them. Im serious.
  7. Awsome man! it looks great. We still need to find more judges though. If your interested send me a pm and i will get back to you this afternoon.
  8. What you have to do is log back onto wow and make a alliance tweak gnome rogue with duel assassins enchanted. Also, get him to lvl 19 and just keep replaying the battle grounds.... Its complete ownage.
  9. Are you talking real life girls? or in game girls. Because, for one thing, any one could make their runescape account into a girl and make it a skiller.
  10. Curious... how does that show one what F2P can achieve? He's been a member before, and has high member stats. If you look at it carefully, I think he has been to the varrock Makeover place and changed his clothes to Red and used items from other holiday events. But that's what I think. I'm quite suprised with the results :shock: What are you talking about?? The fact is, I have had this custom for months allrady. However, even if I would have went to the makeover place that still does not matter. This is a custom contest god sakes and its not cheating from some one to change their looks to win a contest. Other then that, if there really was one thing I did in runescape with all my money, it was finding the best possible custome.
  11. Haha, The way I see it all your so called "dream out fits", I could make happen. Because im just that rich. Mean... Yes, but, if you spent over 5 years of your life playing this game, you would have bragging rights also.
  12. Um... Thats besides the point. However, that fact is that you may be older then me, but your level of critical thinking still does not show. Then theres the fact that you actually came on tip.it asking for an account name... I mean really, who does that? No... just, just no.
  13. No... just, just no. I mean really "driver O bus". KId...no!, think?
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