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  1. Thanks dude, and thanks to the rest of ya. I think I've managed to raise about 40k overall so im glad starting off again. any more advice is greatley appreicated! :)
  2. Okay so i ain't been on RS for months. Try to log in, incorrect password. Retrieve the account back from my Recovery questions, everything gone, lots of money, no items. That i'm not to bothered about, but I have completely forgotten the best way to start from scratch. I don't have any money to buy a pickaxe to mine, no money to buy an axe to cut, no weapons to fight, nothing! Any advice on starting again would be greately appreciated. Thank you :) NON MEMBER
  3. I started up a new account cause i got bored of my main, and I'm trying to keep attack/strength at 1. I am currently 23 Defence and 31 Ranged, and would like to get defence up to 40+. Never realised how slow defence was to get up using Range and it's getting a bit to tedious. Anybody know a good monster i could train on for xp? (No quests done and not doing any if it increases Attack/Strength, I am a member and using iron knives)
  4. Just got members again for the fun of it, i had to sell EVERYTHING as my membership ran out, so now I'm left with 5.5M. I'm thinking about getting range up to about 80 but would like to see other ideas what i could do. I'm just wondering if the return of free trade would benefit me waiting for it to change or buy stuff NOW? Thanks!
  5. Mine iron near Rimmington, then sell iron to general store instead of dropping. (Or, if I'm correct, theres a bank deposit thing around the area.... i think....) :huh:
  6. Hmm, the Dungeoning thing sounds good, deposit bank? Falador mines? Where abouts is that?
  7. I havn't had much time to play, so I've not bothered to renew my membership. But the times i do play, i want to do something worthwhile but on the F2P worlds. I have about 5.6M cash (sold all members items), not really a combat player, more like a skiller. Any suggestions on what I could do when i do play? (Usually 4 hours a week?) Only 2 worth pointing out are Woodcutting and Mining. Thanks people!
  8. I agree with people. Iron is the way forward. I'm 82 mining. i done the majority of my XP with iron :)
  9. Bronze knives at Yaks... Need Fremenik Trials completed and the START of Fremenik Isles done, thats how i got 50-74 :)
  10. I am level 6, yes... level 6 farming and i really would like to get my farming up. Thing is, i have no idea how to!! Can anyone show me, or direct me to a guide to get my farming up high? And is farming very profitable? Id love to know :)
  11. thanks for the advice, any more idea's are welcome!
  12. Barb Village flyfishing is fast xp if u bank at soul wars it could be ok money but not very good. Lobster fishing at Catherby is pretty good money and xp at yourlevel as well. I'm like the catherby idea, i could do that. And wouldn't that be ideal to do some farming behind the bank at the same time??
  13. I havn't fished in years (I'm not exagerating) and i want to get back into it. My fishing is only level 60 and i have no idea what to fish. I am a member but i havn't and dont intend to do any unlocking fishing places via quest as i don't have the patience for it. So is there anywhere which is 'okay' xp and 'okay' money'?? Thanks :):)
  14. Any decent places to mine iron and bank it quite quickly in F2P?? Thanks :)
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