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  1. heres the pic...got it hosted onto imageshack..1 step ahead of jagex :)
  2. to quit this game so i can drive
  3. 1. being followed 2. not knowing the price of a item 3. when members are snobbish and think they are better then f2pers cuz they pay 5 dollars a month 4. getting banned right wen ur membership runs out
  4. wtf? i wish i had 99 prayer...also i wish i cud affrod paintshop rofl
  5. ...its like def atk and str...the 5-15% bonuses to range and mage...god i didnt know i had to type that
  6. 1]DI 2]ZF 3]GLADZ 4]TD 5] MK 6] BK 7] TRWF 8] "The" 9] RSF 10] TMRD 1]FBZ 2]JAGZ 3]THE 4] 5]
  7. umm lost connection plz notice all the swords lol
  8. lol newals sig looks like wat happened lots of people fightin n dieing lol n o yea VID PLZ!
  9. omg so many people videoing some1 tell me wer to get movie plz!
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