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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our First Clan Event! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Fight Pits Free-For-All * The Tzhaar are powerful creatures of magma, never able to quench their thirsts for an epic fight to the death. Forging many powerful weapons and other creatures to test the strength of themselves and people. But today, in the Tzhaar city, we won't be going up against the Tzhaar themselves, we'll be fighting to the death in a massive free for all, battling for tokkul, the main source of currency in the city that can be traded for weapons, gems, and used to charge the Tokkul-Zo, which could be very useful for any occasion in the city, in means of battle and transportation. Grab your obsidian armour or tank gear and get ready for complete destruction in the fight pits. Winner takes all the glory! Date: Friday, 25th July 2014 Time: 7pm c dt - 8pm est - 12am gmt - 1am uk Friend Chat: Skater TDS World: 46 Location: Fight Pits Feel free to invite all your friends and anyone you know! The more people show up, the better the event will turn out! Please let me know in clan chat or via pm in game if you will be attenting, thanks.
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Death Soldiers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey, I played Runescape from 2003-2007 and was co-leader of a successful clan for the that whole time. In 2013, I decided to try out the new combat and became very good at it. 24/7 Bossing: Kalphite King, Nex, Corporeal Beast, Godwars, Dagannoth Kings Support and help to kill all theses bosses can be provided. We are looking for some loyal members to help us grow and developed friendships and experiences. If you are looking for this, this is the clan for you! * Requirements * Loyalty to the clan and a positive attitude towards the game * Info * Clan chat: The Death Soldiers Home world: 46 usually North-West ge Clan leaders: Skater TDS, CRAZEDxTDS, Up South, 99musty99 Total Clan members: 14 Citadel Tier: 1 Clan founded: July 11th, 2014 We also use skype a lot for easier communication At the moment we are at Nex a lot. I host tank trips often and duo with anyone that's willing to learn and try it out. We want to make this clan for every type of player but focus on the boss killing aspect of the game and maybe move to pking when legacy is released. * Rules * • Follow RuneScape rules • Dont beg for items or gp * No gender based, religious or racist comments • Be mature and respectful • Do not flame other clan members • Be friendly with other clan members • Grave bless and item returns mandatory • In the event of an argument, use private chat or contact an admin+ about it * Ranks * I strongly believe everyone can lead a clan if they want. I like to give permissions to loyal members. Ranks will be PvM skill based. Each rank will be know for its own preferred boss or skill. Feel free to join the clan chat anytime you want or just pm me a leader with any questions. Thanks hope to find some of you in game and make some new friends. Skater Also if your interested in some videos I made in the past, feel free to give them a watch on youtube under "sergeg10".
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