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  1. East coast Nate Dogg. His hooks come in handy in some songs just not that great on his own imo. There's a good few catchy songs he's in saying that though.

  2. ^I never said kanye wests lyrics were good. I am not backpedalling. It seems you have a one track mind just like ray so there is little point arguing with you at all. The reason i said all your comments are negative is because they are...why not let off some steam somewhere else instead of acting like a complete [bleep] here?

  3. Take mainstream music out of the picture, this is my point. If you do that you'll see much more diverse styles and lyrical content, where as most mainstream songs seem to follow some simple pattern for lyrical content.




    Hah, take mainstream out? Then what's the point of the debate about rap music.




    The thing is, the mainstream music represents the genre. Just by asking us to 'ignore' the mainstream is asking us to ignore the important part of the genre.




    The mainstream has more impact than some obscure rapper no one has heard about. Your lyrics are cute and all, but you're kidding yourself is the majority of rap is anything like that.




    The mainstream songs are what truly sets rap is a horrid genre.




    Pff, what a sad little guy you are (ray, not you Nadril :P). It's people like Ray that make me wonder what I'm doing here.




    Get off your high horse. You're no more mature than him by resulting to ad hominem attack.


    Mainstream does not represent the genre,the kind of mainstream music that nadril is most likely talking about is basically chart music. I mean common is mainstream,that doesn't mean his lyrics don't mean anything. Same with Nas,The wu tang clan. I could make a list.




    Seriously,who are you? Every post i've seen you make has been a negative one and rayoxide was posting this crap before you even got here.

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