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  1. Peter Kay,Ricky Gervais,Chris Rock are my favourites.
  2. [hide] [/hide] That's me in the middle =)
  3. I like the "Chuck Norris went to the virgin islands and now it's just called 'the islands" one.
  4. k800i...complete pain in the [wagon].
  5. like 12 a think. Was only half serious so It wasn't that gd i guess
  6. I'm going to amsterdam to see my cousins =)
  7. ltb2006


    East coast Nate Dogg. His hooks come in handy in some songs just not that great on his own imo. There's a good few catchy songs he's in saying that though.
  8. The american version is pretty good,but after seeing the brittish original it's just more of the same. Still good though.
  9. Yes, moral is very important but as long as it isn't religous based
  10. R.I.P I thought you stop posting all these news threads though :(
  11. Good Wu tang clan The streets Bad Puddle of mudd Deftones G-unit
  12. yup. Well sorry its just these kinda threads seem to just keep coming and i've got a bit of a short fuse when it comes to this stuff. My bad.
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