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  1. This is one of the more outrageous rants I've ever seen. Honestly, who do you think you are? Telling people they aren't playing the game "the right way". The right way to play is whatever is fun for you, as long as it is within the rules of the game. And @: Cheat them out of their money? I'd say staking is pretty fair. As for pking...if you're going to the wilderness, you're liable to die at any time. Ever read the wilderness sign? You're not being cheated out of your money if you get pked. Enter at your own risk. As for merchanting...well...if you say that's cheating people out of their money, you must be crazed... Oh please, yet another "OMGZORZ, peekayers and staykers and mercanters are n00bs cuz they whines aboot t3h ubdate! Jad3x is l33t and aws3mness, duh, n00b cuz you can't play hahaha cuz j00 cheatz" rant. We really need a sticky for these. Whoah there, Mr./Miss/Mrs. PvP Nazi! I thought this was an RPG, where I could play the game however I wished!. :roll: A)There are many things you can do in this game besides click Java graphics. OMG, skillers aren't "playing the game to it's full potential too!" :roll: B)Who the hell do you think you are that you can tell me how to play a game that I pay for?? C)You apparently seem to be one of those people who think Pvp=cheating. There really isn't sense arguing with such fundamental ignorance... I give up. :wall: That pretty much sums it up. I can play the game however I choose. And if they remove parts of it which I enjoy, I have a right to complain about it (Only a bit, because I'm F2P). Members have even more reason to complain.
  2. I have seen revenants there. And nearly got frozen and 3 hitted by a lvl 60 revenant hobgoblin. I managed to escape with 4 hp or so. I'm lvl 62 BTW. I know I'm not much higher lvled than it, but it shouldn't be able to freeze me, teleblock me and nearly 3 hit me with mage/range. Especially in F2P.
  3. Just keep killing them for a while, you can't always expect to get them on your first kill. And please learn to spell. Ratses? :roll:
  4. Read the updates before you start ranting about them. If you had read the updates, you would already know that you can still drop items, they just won't be visible to other players if they're worth more than 3k.
  5. If you get so annoyed by all the rants, why do you still go to the rants forum and read them. What did you expect to see when you went there? You complain that people spam the rants forum with rants. You know what? That's what the rants forum is for. And don't be such a hypocrite. If you're going to tell us to shut the hell up and live with it, at least follow your own advice. Don't spam the rants forum with rants about ranters. We don't need those any more either. When Jagex makes an unpopular update, there ARE going to be rants about it. Shut the hell up and live with it. Yes they removed RWT and bots, but at what cost? I never really pked much, but I was training a range/2h pure when the update came out. And before you start ranting about how pures are noobs who drop trade, let me tell you that I made all my money on my pure by running iron ores and air running (2 things which will not be possible in a month). Do you really think the 9 year olds will leave? They're all talk. Its the older, more experienced players who are likely to leave. I think these people are mostly the 9 year olds of Runescape. The ones who go "WAAAAAAAH!!! 0MGZ A N00BZ K1LL3D M3 CUZ I WAS WEARING FULL RUNE(G) IN THE WILDY!!111!!!!". You tell us to go play Club Penguin or something. I think if you want a completely risk free game where you never die or lose your items, you are the one who ought to go and play Club Penguin. How do you just assume he drop trades? And by the way: Hypocrisy? You assume that all low levels drop trade from their mains but expect other people to beleive you didn't. What about the trade and drop changes? Those affect everyone, not just pkers. Yes, its called a MMORPG for a reason. See that 2nd M? It stands for "Multiplayer". What Jagex is doing is basically removing all forms of player interaction. They should call it a MORPG now- Massive Online Role Playing Game. It isn't really multiplayer anymore. :lol: Your idiocy astounds me. Jagex is a company. They ARE worried about their losses, which is why they announced Summoning so early and are conviniently releaing it soon after these updates. So you're saying that pkers didn't play for fun? Everyone has their own opinions. While some people may prefer clicking trees or rocks all day long, others find that boring and prefer pking. Your opinion is not the only one that matters. "Make money the right way"? :shock: That is a selfish, arrogant and completely idiotic statement. Who are you to decide 'right' and 'wrong' ways of making money. Face it people can make money however they want. Shut the hell up and live with it. In short, this is an extremely unpopular update which needs major changes, if not complete removal. There are going to be rants about it. Shut the hell up and live with it!
  6. [hide=Quote- Gidion] Make me. :) You can't? Then shut the hell up and live with it. -- I stopped paying and playing as a protest against what I consider unfavorable and unnecessary changes to the basics of my game play. I hang around, because I'm giving Jagex a chance to fix the mistakes they have made. This doesn't necessarily mean bringing the wilderness back, I'd be happy with a fun and playable substitute. I post still, making comment on these updates because while I have stopped paying and playing, I still have a great love for the game I played. And would love to see some of what I valued to be restored. If you can't deal with this, don't read the forums. Go do something else while this issue is still fresh in many peoples minds. Just because it's irritating to you, doesn't mean it's not pertinent or interesting to others. I think the truly pertinent question here, is that if you're so fed up and exasperated by all the forum talk about these updates - Why are you still on these forums? Maybe, just maybe, it's because you enjoy these forums? And you wish them to be restored to the peaceful state in which they were before the updates? Can you see where I'm going with this... ? Discussion on this subject isn't going away any time in the immediate future. Shut the hell up and live with it. - Gid. [/hide] [hide=Quote-Unoalexi] C)Why don't you? Why can't you just leave the protesters alone to their own devices? Does it really affect you so much that you have to insult me personally? D)This isn't a war between the skillers and the pkers!!. It affects us all, whatever we do. After January second, you'll understand.. ~~ Lmao, look whose flaming who! :roll: We have been both civil and intelligent in our posts, unlike you with your "pk3rs are wh1ny, st00pid n00bs wo cant adapts." Define "right way of making money!!"! You're way!? Puh-lease! This is supposed to be a freeform RPG, I shouldn't be forced to stare at my screen for hours clicking a Java graphic if I want to make money!! [/hide] =D> Great posts. If Jagex makes a change which is quite unnecessary and destroys a large portion of the game, I will complain about it. I have every right to do so. Why don't I quit? Because I hope that they will bring these aspects of the game back(Not necessarily removing these updates, I will be happy if they make some improvements to the new minigames). There are a lot of problems with this update which they need to fix. For example: 1) The guys who team up on you as soon as you enter BH. 2) Lootshare needs improvements 3) GE prices are steadily dropping on almost all items. 4)The 3k caps ae ridiculous. Conclusion - No, I will NOT shut the hell up and live with it. All the false suicide rumors are stupid though.
  7. You really love to rant , don't you? I haven't been on Tip.it very long, but in my short time here, I think I have seen rants by you every alternate day. =D> :thumbsup: You fit perfectly in this category: Taken from here: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=723633
  8. It is annoying but you have to deal with it. I sometimes do "steal" other people's monsters. I won't do this if there are other monsters in the room. In less popular spots I normally just world hop. But in some spots (like hill giants in F2P), its highly unlikely that you'll find a monste that no one else is fighting. So I "steal" another players spot. Whenever the giant respawns, I try to get it before him. If I get the giant many times, the other guy will realize that I'm faster than him and leave (to steal someone else's spot). Sometimes I'm the one who's forced to leave. I just have to deal with it.
  9. Can you explain what an acorn sounds like? :lol: Akon lol :XD:
  10. Better hurry. You've only got around 18 days to get your cash back. Try using a different account to pm him.
  11. :-s I think that's highly unlikely. On Topic: Like the others said, get over it. This sort of thing happens to me nearly every day. Just ignore them.
  12. You think you have it bad? You guys still have mini games, bombings, you can go as creative as you want. Every update, whether good or bad, means a lot of work for us. This update even caused some of our Crew (not mentioning names) to quit or take a break from the game. We don't have time to rant, we have site updating to do. :lol: PS: With the new Wilderness, all the Wilderness related Treasure Trail coordinates have changed. Wanna help us out? :wall: I would, but I'm F2P.
  13. What the heck are e-cool points A figment of his imagination.
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