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  1. It really is a compliment to be given 10/10 by the legendary barrower himself :mrgreen: .
  2. Haha, I see my message, it had the *s in it XD. I got there when I was rcing, and I saw something going down, so I just got a message ready. 8/10
  3. I'll be in need of a suicider soon, but now I'm doing summoning :P .
  4. Funny thing is, they didn't slash the prices. Even funnier, if you actually read the page instead of skimming through it, they are planning on reimbursing players who purchased shards already. Oh the wonders of actually knowing what you're talking about before you criticize it for not having a feature that's actually being put in. Do not fret. At the end of the page, JAGeX stated they would reimburse you for either half the money you spent on shards, or give you as many shards as you've bought. Read the end of the news post :wink: .
  5. The_God_of_Soup - Arizona [gangster] Representin fo da 602 and da 480! [/gangster]
  6. Doubt it, they are npcs, and therefor can be similar to, but not actually be exactly like players. Absolute no, I bet my life on it. Hell, they can already own people 1 on 1.
  7. [Just glancing at title post] Right after I learned to spell "you." [/Just glancing at title post]
  8. ^. Prayer bonus is invaluable. Skirts are lighter. They offer the same protection. And it's only 100k more. Why would anybody pay 22m for a shield that gives an extra +2 strength compared to a free shield? Think about that, and then you'll see that the bonuses the skirt has over legs are very much worth that measly 100k.
  9. 1. Superheat-55k 2. Fire bolt at metals (average)-40k 3. Magic dart at metals (average)-50k 4. MTA level 5 enchant-70k 5. MTA level 6 enchant-85k 6. Humidify-Never tried, to my knowledge, it's about 60-70k 7. Stun-60k I'm 99 magic and have tried most of these. These are all assuming you can do it at 100% attention, which I had, not joking, a horrendous time with, especially stun, and enchanting. The real averages for me for those are probably 4-20k an hour, 5-35k an hour, and 7-30k an hour, just because it requires an intense amount of repetitive clicking. Also, my estimate for superheat is assuming you are just heating ores in your bank, which is pretty wasteful and useless imo.
  10. Interesting, but there is already another thread like this. Anyway, I could not care less who is behind that gold-farming, Mod Edit: Inappropriate language. Q.V. Tip it Modeating, carpet-munching machine that is real-world trading, but rather about how soon they burn in hell. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  11. ^^. Same, I'd rather just use monks, but for people who want the easy way with money, this is it. Good tip :thumbsup: .
  12. Definitely, thanks again :mrgreen: . Training slayer now, getting 90 defence. About to get 82. After I get 70 slayer, I'll go camp at dusties or apes to 90+, possibly 99. Thanks all, I believe this thread is closed unless you have an original idea, or a solo mage dk guide :P .
  13. There's all the info on technical junk ^. For fighting purposes(you either get 3k slayer or 350 farming, 3k slayer is a much better reward), I advise you just bring simple things, it is no huge fight. Black d'hide suffices easily. Along with that, take any of the little goodies you like(neitiznot helm, barrows gloves, fury/glory, etc...). You can only fight it with an axe and secatuars. Rune is fine, but if you have dragon, it's cake. Hope it helped :wink: .
  14. I am straight and have nothing against anyone gay or bi or anything. I've been saying the religion argument against gays is hypocritical for a while, too :P .
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