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  1. FYI you cannot use tablets in the arena. i tried. as for food, i didnt try, because when it first came out i remember you werent allowed with it, but still its a cheap way to do it, i dont use my phoenix for anything else anyway =)
  2. New comp + Lazy to add pics so, heres my myspace :P http://www.myspace.com/matt3887 be gentle.
  3. :: This is a low budget way of doing this :: Heres a trick you might find handy when in the mage training arena, and have not yet learned bones to peaches, because eating the bananas is just too much time consuming. Heres what i did, feel free to altar this plan to meet your needs. Wearing Grave Yard specific items : Water Battlestaff, Nature Runes, and Earth runes. Here comes the cheat, i grabbed 5 phoenix necklaces (diamond necklace enchanted) heals you for a great deal when you fall below 30%. with a few of these handy, PLUS redemption, you can last a lot longer than having to go refill your health bar, and so on, PS. Feel free to drop the water \ earth runes that you get from the wall, they are most likely slowing your progression down if you have that staff already. (yes i know mud staff would be a better choice, but i didnt plan on staying in there longer than to get Bones to Peaches) Matt
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