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  1. This is good if you want low level levelling, but once you get to around 85ish, you'll find this boring and ineffective. The only effective way for 99 in f2p is smithing. Addy plates are the best.
  2. Umm, did you forget that your PAYING for the runes. Therefore, the money is going to fellow RS runecrafters who are crafting your burst runes.
  3. Im thinking the reason jagex doesn't do this is because of price manipulation. If we knew for each object how much was being traded, people who easily single out items good for price manipulation. IT would be nice, but i don't think its going to happen.
  4. The fastest is a combination of both. First tele to cabbage. Run to alter Craft runes Tele to fally Bank And then repeat. Also, do not play GOP if you want xp. It will only get you the same(rarely, if you get at least 600 tokens per game which is not likely) or less xp. However, if you feel that it is fun, go ahead. Otherwise, for f2p, the above method is fastest possible.
  5. Thx for the info on the quest. Also, the reason i ask is because im looking for someone who knows the asnwers. Yes, i could do that myself, i don't want to waste my time. Plus, 5 minutes is not a long enough sample.
  6. How much xp/hr can you get while baiting near draynor bank and banking? How do you get the extra xp from the quest?
  7. Actually the best tallies are minds. They are almost twice as cheap as bodies. They're the cheapest in terms of xp/gp and you should get them b4 they start to go up again.
  8. Actually, i think mind tiaras are good and fast xp They're cheaper in terms of xp/gp spent than air tiaras
  9. Actually airs can be sold at 14ea, but you have to wait a little bit (i recommend you put them in the ge overnight and they'll sell)
  10. Safe Worlds - Its called dueling Teleporting-Maybe have some no-tele zones (like multi-combat zones), so people who want to use can still use PJers, and drops-If you're in a pvp you always have the possiblity of being attacked. In the old wildy, there was no time to "regroup" 1, 3, and 4 iteming-again, in old wildy, you could do this. You can't expect everyperson to be pvping for profit.
  11. I would like more exact numbers than estimates, i could have done that myself. As for drop trading no, that is not possible with 3k limit. Im getting the air tallys.
  12. How long do they last until other players can see it? How long do they last before they disappear? Thx
  13. There is nothing wrong with 1-itemers/4-itemers. You have the option not to go after those types of people. Besides, you can also do it yourself, so its not like you don't have a choice. When there was the old wildy, people were 1 or 4 iteming, and there is not that many rants about it.
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