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  1. Is missing my fellow Tip.iters and Event Goers!

  2. Well, I am a black male, however I am younger, 14 to be exact. I understand your concern of racist and degrading remarks. I view all types of abuse the same, and would report them all the same. Being African American and called degrading names for it does not give us any type of sympathetic privledges such as complaining and whining. I believe your core question has been previously answered several times. I only see this being dragged on by answering questions with a question.
  3. Ew look at that duck, it's all old and crusty..

  4. You're darn right I was your first love. (TET :P)

  5. Back finally? <3

  6. Aww! It's P2P! Congratulations in advance though. :mrgreen:
  7. I <3 you mooooreee!

  8. I <3 you too <333

  9. Well, kind of hard to say. We're much more of a warring clan, though.
  10. Ok, thanks for feedback. Also, where are the first few clan chronicle issues? @Lady Ninane - I'm not sure if I'm clan-smart enough anymore, I used to be an editor if you don't remember? With Lordofrah, Troyus, and some others.
  11. Alright, so I was recently promoted to the Diplomacy Team, with Clan Neon. I let the staff there know about TWR, and how much Tip.It is a great place to move up in the Clan World. None of our leaders, or members are knowledgeable of Tip.It (I don't think), so I guess I'll have to learn a few things. The reason for this post is to get your oppinions of how we should go about getting our Clan more involved, from one of the well established clans here on Tip.It. Also, Two Questions: Does the Clan Improvement Council still exist? Does the Clan Chronicle still exist?
  12. I'm not too sure how that would work. Would players only gain a win if it was against another TIFer? If I am understanding it correctly, it would mean a thread in which player A posts when he has beaten player B, B would get a loss against their name, A would get a win? It isn''t a bad idea, it's something I will take up with Jimmy. On the topic of moving the forum up the index, it is something I have thought about for a long time, however it may be seen that this forum is getting preferential treatment over other sections such as the clan section. However it is something we might take up with the Admins. Exactly, however I believe there should be a F2P ranking, and a P2P ranking. Considering P2P has more spells, and more of an advantage. Also, I would make a rule to post screenshots of the fight, for proof of win/loss.
  13. Possibly a personal Tip.It highscore, for certain games. And rankings for Arcanists, with fights Lost/Won. EX: 1. Name (Loss/Won) 2. Name (Loss/Won) 3. Name (Loss/Won)
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