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  1. The update is a lie the update is a lie the update is a lie the update is a lie The update is a lie the update is a lie the update is a lie the update is a lie The update is a lie the update is a lie the update is a lie the update is a lie The update is a lie the update is a lie the update is a lie the update is a lie The update is a lie the update is a lie the update is a lie the update is a lie Oh...and the detail does look whacked out .-.
  2. B-but I started a topic on this a while ago =*( (On a side note, just don't go to Lumby to avoid the Gf/Bf thing. It's ok though if they're actually dating irl =P)
  3. I could really care less about this argument, if only because I've played both games and they're all rpg, the same thing. I quit most mmorpg's after realizing that I could actually hear a players voice in other games (WoW mic doesn't count. Very quiet, very low quality). Then, when I played the mmorpg's I previously thought were godly, I was like :( lonelyness. I was only hearing the constant blips or "blurrrrshss" sounds of my spells, and not the constant speak of the other games I had just tried out. Though I had a blast with Mmorpg's while it lasted (all my friends on rs quit and my WoW account got hacked =_=) I can't really play them like I used to. But, if I had to choose between WoW and Runescape...I'd say Diablo2.
  4. The cramped worlds only mean the game is going "mainstream". Meaning, that the company will start getting tons of money, lose interest in actually developing a decent game, and just keep pushing out low standard updates because they don't need to make a better game because the game is so popular and is filled with people who have low standards for the low standard product they've invented. It's like the Halo series in Mmorpg form. :evil:
  5. It might be the pathetic way we represent ourselves. "OH WE NEED MOAR UPDATES. P2P PERSON WHO JUST JOINED OUR FPS SERVER IN LUMBY, GIVE ME FREE ARMOR. WHY DO P2P PLAYERS HATE US...I WANT THEM TO ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM EVEN THOUGH I SHOULDN'T BE CARING CONSIDERING I LIVE POSSIBLY A COUPLE THOUSAND MILES FROM THEM....YOU KNOW WHAT, I'M GOING TO COMPARE OUR VIDEOGAME CRISIS TO THAT OF A GROUP OF HISTORICAL EVENTS THAT LEFT BLACKS DEAD, KILLED, OR HATED. LOLZORZORZORZORZOR". Btw, I'm a free player. I deserve more rights than you pvp people even though you fund this game! -.- (btw, I am a free player. Just saying the above stated list is kind of sad, and hate-able.)
  6. I think that bioshock 2 should use the rainbow six vegas 2 engine and have a vegas 2-style multiplayer where players play as splicers. Amazing idea or super amazing idea? That is completely off topic. But, it's a cool idea...though I didn't like bioshock much. It took away to much shooter to add roleplaying elements into it. It scared me though...just got stale after 30 minutes. Also, try Timesplitters Gameplay. A lot more action. Oh and it's a "Amazing idea". I didn't like vegas to that much either (still beats halo3 at least).
  7. No no, this entire topic is inaccurate. It's "Once you play a first person shooter and become pro at online tournaments, and then realize that mmorpg's are never really "hard" considering all you have to do is "grind" and locate where you're going to grind, you'll never go back". Don't flame me on this, I still like Mmorpg's, I just don't consider them much of a challenge compared to fps games. Plus, I've have a lot better NON CYBERING experiences on shooting games (no, I haven't play xbox live, so I haven't been tbagged before. Ever). :twisted:
  8. First time I saw the skull, I thought "Either that's A: A symbol for him being poisoned B: A evil floating skull thats atacking him or C: What's going to happen to him within 30 seconds if he doesn't tell me how I can get one." He showed me how. Not in the good way (I got murdered).
  9. An adventure is an activity that comprises risky, dangerous and uncertain experiences.In the context of a narrative, the adventure genre is typically applied to works in which the protagonist or other major characters are consistently placed in dangerous situations, and a character who lives by their wits and their skills is often called an adventurer. The term is broad enough to refer to any enterprise that is potentially fraught with risk, such as a business venture or a major life undertaking. Most of the definition of adventure is real, life threatening, risk. Merchanting is not risky. It's not an "adventure". Sure, it's a "business venture" but, just because the term is "broad" enough to be used as a "Business adventure" it's still not used right. Unless your merchanting adventure involves being burnt by dragons, shot by arrows, or being shanked it's not really an adventure in the original sense.
  10. Anyone who replies to this with "If you don't like it, don't play it noob" responses is one of the reasons the general online gaming community is getting a bad reputation. Make a better argument please. You sound like the people who, when they abuse a game glitch, try using the excuse " If it's in the game, the designers wanted me to use it".
  11. I disagree with the whole "Strength in level" part- a good part of winning in the wild was the strategy you chose to employ against particular opponents. True...but, most players would only bring 1 set of armor (mage, archer, knight) and use it against the class in the combat triangle that is easy for their armor type to kill. Yes, stradegy right there. But, then it goes to the lvl 40 mages who hunt down the lower levels for easy cash. In that area, there is strength in level.
  12. I'll learn to cope once they bring back the fun stuff. None of the stuff you suggest is fun. It may be more tedious than all the other previous stuff they tried to replaced.
  13. Not much brains needed to play mmorpg's, and wild didn't involve much brains either. You either had A: strength in numbers or B: strength in level. But hell ya, wildy needs to come back.
  14. If this was true, then wheres the economy in halo, counterstrike, timesplitters, and team fortress 2?
  15. +1 "Magical Realist" Doesn't understand what a "game" is. Constantly makes arguments based on what would be "realistic," even if the game is set in a fantasy world run by wizards and pixies. Sample Quote: "You can't tell me a Mondlagarian Tiger Warrior is stronger than a Swamp Troll. That just doesn't make sense!" Punishment: Sent back to kindergarten for remedial make-believe classes. So you're saying he thinks it has to be realistic to be a game? I'm suggesting he thinks because its in a fantasy world set in the sword age, it has to have an economy, and he's using that as an excuse for the less than adventurous gameplay, which is more or less a giant marketing quest to beat real quests.
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