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  1. Nope! Its back up and running now
  2. I just checked with the RS forums - they are aware that its down and are hard at work in fixing the problem.
  3. I think RS has got problems - no one can log back in. Anyone else got issues?
  4. I've solved it, had a friend help me find the co-ordinates It must be level 2 clue scrolls for how long they are.... but the prizes are a bit disappointing
  5. I need help in locating these co-ordinates! I think its between Catherby and Brimhaven but not sure where.... it's 4 degrees 13 minutes north 12 degrees 45 minutes east
  6. I guess maybe more worlds isn't the answer then... more resources like better bank locations near higher type of trees ( and more maple/yew/magic tree locations ) And more hunting areas would be nice! I just find it hard to train my range and get herblore up ( train at blood tower ) where its sometimes very busy
  7. I know its competition but its getting tougher and tougher to do anything there! So in the early mornings I get to the areas I want to ... then in the evening when the worlds are packed - I fish! Even if I do get terrible lag!
  8. shinikami

    Cramped Worlds

    I just want to vent out how busy worlds are now, shouldn't they bring out more world servers for members? It seems that there's more and more people abandoning the free worlds and becoming members! I struggle to find a quiet spot to raise up levels like hunting or combat - or fighting drags without at least four people there already! Anyone else get this trouble during the evenings and weekends?
  9. It is being really slow, wonder what is going on this time... the other day the proboards forums went down - well not all of them - but they went down all the same! Because of a fire at the location of one of their servers... they had to work hours on end to get everything back up and running!
  10. This has happened before! Remember the big server crash? Took ages for it to come back up.
  11. I know! I logged off thinking that the G E was down on that world! But then when I switched worlds the login server was down again!!
  12. Just have to learn to ignore them, yet in castle wars it is hard to, but then again when I can be bothered to play it! Don't really see the point of that game But yeh, skill training when you know you've got the higher skill level compared to the higher combat lv, guess that's the difference
  13. yeh u're all right, I just ignore them now If they're not happy then its their own fault
  14. I'm lv72 yet get lv80s walking over me! I sometimes hang around lumbridge and help the newbies when they need some advice or just want help with something like a quest or food - helps my own cooking skill! I remember that I was once their lv, its easy to do so
  15. I train at the blood tower in northwet ardougne, because of the herbs - which the high levels drop because they think don't need them - like guam leaves
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