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  1. Barbie: Return to Fairy Land I Bawled my Balls off
  2. ^ Already have that downloaded and have made a few games on it. Any others?
  3. Just looking for some to start making little projects with. Anyone know any? Thanks
  4. I would go with scimmy since it is cheap and hits decent, it is also in between speeds of long and dagger. All of them are decent weapons though
  5. magnumb

    Lame names.

    Ah you forgot Warriorboy777 and Cexygurl99
  6. Barrows although you can do both if you kill the avansies first
  7. Well you could mine gold in the circle, would take forever but that is alot of cash at the end :D
  8. Surprise, Surprise... Following her sisters footsteps at a younger age. Oh well mabye she will actually be a good parent and not get her kids taken away, mabye... :|
  9. Outfit: 8/10+1 though for RC lvl. Looks pretty good :D First Post. :thumbsup:
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