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  1. I've been spamming your chat. Full bank pic dawg :D
  2. Im sorry but for 72 Combat 1 Defence 44 Prayer pure Im pretty sure thats the highest I can do without getting 73. Im even 94 magic on it, if your talking about my skills im 99 farming and mining on my main this is a pk account not a skiller. I am 76 smithing and 66 Farming on Lion isnt that good enough?
  3. Thankssss Thats called a troll, you guys are just too easy. I am suprised you can remember that :smile:. Oh der be this thing +1 it good. He did so much [cabbage] like that, he's perfect to laugh at. Congrats though, 7/10. [bleep]ed up pictures too. Nah man I have a mac so I either use Seashore or Photoshop to crop except it isnt like Paint you have to drag crop so I just get the generic lengths which are usually 500 x 400 because I forgot the RuneScape screen ones. 500 x 400 decided showing combat was more important Im not sure.
  4. Everyone hates 76k/26kers because they perceive people doing nothing for huge drops while you work hard. There are not that many trickers perhaps 1:100 pkers and the bulk of people who trick are pkers who have run out of returning sets/ pots/food does not buy and they need to use up there Ep etc. There is no way to rid tricking without making the system more dysfunctional. No one disagrees with the system apart from a few whining skillers, pkers are not going to comment on how good things are going but the skillers are going to write long argumentative suggestions. ....
  5. Dragon Halberd and any PVP artifact over 70k or so protects over claws. Almost lost them a few times but its a risk taken.
  6. 82-94 100% F2P lost around 13M Would post a bank picture except I have pretty much Dragon Claws + Pk supplies, armors, weapons etc not much Going to PK for awhile then do Firecape and if I get enough money finish off 70 summoning. + Auto Win =
  7. 98/99 Farming with 1,000,000 exp to 99 at this point. I do my fruit tree patches in order of TreeGnome-village, Treegnome Stronghold, Brimhaven, Catherby and finally Llletya. However I've found that all my patches but the stronghold have not grown (even the village patch in which I visit before the stronghold) at this point my calquat is even grown!. I plant my trees at around 4:00Pm when I get back from school and they are sometimes all on the dot grown usually done hours before hand. However recently they have not been done by 9:00Pm which is ridiculous... Right now its 9:30 and my papaya trees planted at 4:00 the previous day are not fully grown however my calquat and only one of my papaya is. Anyone experiencing the problem - also wondering if it is because I just protect them without super compost. Should this make a difference? --Extra note I've been getting 26 rs membership newly subbed as well wth is going on any ideas. :c fed up with this crap :c
  8. Well I am summoning for the long term - Like eventually I'll go back and train summoning to a far higher level so well I've heard things like Blue charms are best kept until the very higher levels. I have no idea if it means to be more efficient in the long term only using Gold charms until 57 I'd do it go out and get some more golds. Penguins I don't know, Probably not I have no idea what to do and I want to get 57 Summoning today...ish.
  9. I have 1474 Gold, 718 Green, 564 Crimson and 113 Blue charms. My summoning level is 37 and I am planning to sell my Combat gear and Runecraft between my farming patches and I'll probably need a . Ghraak. What should I make for the long term... If that makes sense.
  10. Omg, I missed it but congratulations! Do you have me added? Meh, gona have to disagree on that one.. If you want to power train w/ no profit you can get 60k in rcing and 70k in mining. If you want profit, you can get about 25k an hr in rcing, and about 30-40k in mining. 10/10, one of the top 5 best imo. Mate she did it F2P I did too and I stored ore most of the way thats 15k-18k exp/h at most then there is powermining al'Karid constant clicking the ores re-spawn in a second and with three of them that makes dropping and mining click, click, click no pause and thats only 28k exp-33k exp.
  11. Post whole Bank Please! 10/10 and how do you get brawling gloves?
  12. 6/10. A 10/10 being averagely harder to advance stats being 99s and lower being under 70. Arguably much other peoples although a semi substantial amount lower are far more desirable then yours. Get up Slayer, Mining, Farming, Runecrafting, Herblore, Construction, Smithing, Crafting, Agillity.
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