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  1. Noted drops are the dagannoth bones, always noted I think I do hit higher, but I can't say how much % etc... Nice man!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi there, My name is Ducky_Inc, and i need 2 skills more to be maxed RuneScape total. (Dungeon, Farming) The thing is, I really dont like farming, and I'd like to do a "lazy/easy" method, Money is no problem. Is there a "lazy" method to farm? Is maybe doing only tree's easy? Grand seed pods are also quite nice, it would cost me about 300m for 10m experience; http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Grand_seed_pod But what is the XP a Hour? Thankyou
  3. Damn, I watched that pic for like 5 minutes and i was like. "F, bye Peehat". Really stupid of you bringing that party hat to such a dangerous situation, please don't do it again!
  4. Hi there, I'd like to earn some money on a F2P noob account, just started. Cowhides are good, but i've got an idea. Bones are currently worth 196GP each. Is there a NPC that is close to a bank that drops bones? I already know Men's and Woman's in Edgeville. Thankyou
  5. Try'd most of your spots, all crowded :( Bandits, Skeletons, Cows, etc, all crowded like hell.
  6. Hi there, I'm looking for some uncrowded F2P melee training spots, does anyone have any suggestions? The most "recommend" mosters are very crowded. The XP doenst have to be "top notch", i'd preferr if i'd NOT have to eat any food. Currently im trying out skeletons level 21. My current stats are 40-50-40 and i'm going to work to 40-80-40. Thankyou for your time.
  7. Hi, I'd like to have the same advantage with your mouse :) Is the Razer Diamondback 3G good for it? Then i'll buy a mouse like that ASAP.
  8. Then thats why people are suggesting those because they got confused by the question thinking he wanted a weapon without a spec. Not a weapon that was still decent even after it's spec was used. Sorry i made myself so unclear :) Its for Duel Tournaments. Im setting up the best gear and debating what weapons, i've finnaly made my decision i think. Bought Morrigan Javelins, morrigan body and legs, vesta top and legs, and a nice statius helm. :) The reason why i asked for no special because i mostly use the Vesta long special in tournaments. :)
  9. The best range weapon without using a special attack. So it must be ACCURATE and strong.
  10. Its for Duel Tournaments, i have plenty of money :) Im just looking for idea's, thanks for helping!
  11. Hi there, I'm just looking at all the range weapons. What would be the BEST range weapon WITHOUT special? Morrigan Javelin's? Thankyou Its for Duel Tournaments, i have plenty of money :) Im just looking for idea's, thanks for helping!
  12. Hi there, I am an Level 138 RS2 product. I was never around with the "classic" time. I grew up with RS2. I'd like to play RuneScape Classic now, but, is it possible? I'd like to train some combat, but, how do i start? And also, it looks nobody can sell me some armour? If a veteran player could me out, yes please! You can add me or PM me. Thanks
  13. Hi there, I'm looking forward to play RuneScape classic! Does anyone have some good guides? Im level 1 everything and a n00b. I'd like to train combat. :) Where to train? How? Armour? Etc.. How im gonne do it! Im a noob in RSC!
  14. I tryed to do some calculations, but; What is the best way to get 2,718 XP ? It must be exact :$ Thankyou
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