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  1. oh, Yea i remember that guy :P. I have to go with villandra's accounts, they're epic :thumbup:
  2. Hah lol, no i did not feel for a party so i just got the level :P Thanks everybody :)
  3. From 70 construction i have used aprox; 62m and gained over 4800 stealing creation pts. Most xp gained in one day: 2,331,264 xp. Most xp gained in one hour: 587,950xp. Please rate :)
  4. :lol: Btw why bump a half year old advice post?
  5. [ PLAYERS ]: There are currently 85,739 players online on 162 servers 529/server, 26.46% capacity. The online record is 251,027 set on Dec 9 2007. Funny how the date was one day before the day we all know. :lol: Funny coincidence :P
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