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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Good updates overall. Trident still needs to be buffed up. Maybe if you have level 5 in each role, you can get the trident to have +27 magic attack, +10% damage bonus, a special attack that either kills a level 60 or lower monster in one hit OR takes off a third of a player's hp, and keep the melee stats. Oh, and give the upgrade a requirment of 500 points in each role. Then maybe it can stand up to the Master Wand, which is pretty much better in every way except the new melee stats and the mostly useless special attack (The accuracy and damage bonus from wand far outweighs the 1 in 60 chance of saving a few runes). Or is it not "balanced" enough to have an alternative to the Master Wand? Seeing as with the Master Wand and the Unholy Book, you get +28 magic accuracy, +5 prayer, and +10% damage bonus. I mean, come on. Now it requires 70 attack. Why can't it be almost as good as the Wand? It's not even buyable, you have to play BA over and over again.. Stat changes to Penance Armor is cool. The prayer restore already had some good uses (not prayer combat, though, it's outperformed hugely by prossy. Try theiving while spamming redepmtion), but I'm glad the old stats were put back. A novice quest is fine, we haven't actually had one of those in awhile. Trade is cool. Mint cakes are lulzy and I don't care. Bull Roarers got annoying, and YES I DID TURN MY SOUND OFF. Orb of Occu-whatever is something that could be used for more than movies. Good updates overall. Trident still needs a buff.
  3. 21. The Grand Exchange has been given some new algorithms. It should be able to conform to player's prices more quickly, and should also be less affected by people who attempt to inflate the prices. Furthermore, the limit to how many items that can be purchased has been lowered, and is now closer to what even the most resource-hungry player needs. These have been added to thwart harmful merchanting tactics, such as buying out an item to decrease the supply, or commanding others to artifically rise a price in order to make a profit off of a pre-purchased investment. 22. The trade limit has been further loosened based on your quest points. Those with over 300 Quest Points will be able to trade with a margain of 180K. Players who do not have a membership can have their limits increased the longer the time they play, up to 60k. Furthermore, total XP points will also play a factor in the trade limits. Every 100m XP, your trade limit is doubled. This effect applies to members and free players. The effect will stop at 300m for members, and 200m for free players. This gives a maximum of 1.44m limit for members, and 240k for F2P. With the new friend variable, members can trade up to 5.76m to friends! Again, the limit is decided by the player with the lower cap. 23. New coding can more quickly detect if a player is completely disconnected and unable to control their character. 24. In relation to #23, your player has been given some rudimentary AI to deal with dangerous situations when disconnected. This will include activating protection prayers and fleeing the area, as well as eating food. These actions do not kick in as fast as a human's reactions, so we still advise players to make sure their internet connection is reliable before hunting bosses and the like. Monster/s or areas with high damage output, such as the God War boss rooms, can still easily kill your character before the new AI kicks in. 25. Players can now customize the color of certain items. You can pay a price, dependant on the item, to Aggie in Draynor to dye your clothing, with over 10 available colors! Players with high crafting level have the toll reduced. Examples of the items are Ringmaster clothing, the trim on a skillcape (available to customize to those who have over level 99 n 3 or more skills), and many holiday items. Furthermore, players with very high crafting levels can paint many pieces of armor, including Armadyl and Bandos armor, and even Penance! 26. Familiars will go into combat with you even sooner. 27. The chance of getting a rare drop now have a logarithmic failsafe. Players who have killed thousands upon thousands of a single monster with out a good drop will have the chance of getting that monster's "rare" item exponentially increased. The chance is still somewhat low, but it can be increased by a factor of up to 10 fromt he default if an insane amount of monster have been killed without the rare drop.
  4. dharok + fero ring = rol Yah, I learned that the hard way. It acts as a RoL too...
  5. Hot damn. So, assuming 10 games will fill it up completely, you get 125k xp per round? Even if it takes you two hours (which is absurd and only happens if you and/or your team is a failure) to complete waves 1-10, it's definately worth doing that for agility training. And I'd think most people would agree that even BA is more fun than doing the same agility course over and over and over.... Right now I'm in the process of getting lvl 5 in everything and getting the full set of armour+trident. I actually like this game. I'll get the horn filled up later.
  6. I think it's because Abyssal Monsters, Penance Monsters, and Pest Monsters come from the same plane of existence. Abyssal Demons and Shifters are pretty similar in morphology. Maybe the Barbarians think the Whip is a trophy of triumph over the Abyssal Monsters. I'm not sure, but I don't think it's that big an assumption. Unless someone has something from Jagex to prove me wrong.
  7. They made their first update of the year on the 11th. And in 9 days you decided what the entire year was going to look like? And you failed at that anyway. One of the two updates was A NEW QUEST, that's hardly a tweak. The other one, although "tweaking" a minigame, gave us a new feature for whips, a new magic staff, a new training help, and a new armor set effect that makes some of the previously lackluster penance armor a little more lucrative. Even though neither the trident nor the armor is worth getting, yet. The other was giving players who have high agility some skill bonuses. Yah that's pretty much a tweak, but it's a pretty good one.
  8. White Whip is super. It looks so good when paired with Void set. I might as well get all the stuff. I have nothing better to do, and I sorta enjoy this game. Jagex needs to release MORE CUSTOMIZABLE THINGS. I've always wanted to dye my Ringermaster hat. I'm sure there would be a lot of other popular things that could be done.
  9. You'd have to get the drain under 3 PP a minute. Even with SW Cape, Fally shield, White Gloves, Stole, Explorer's Ring, and a D Mace I don't think that's possible.
  10. Not too impressed. The Master Horn is super though. Someone will have to do calculations to see if playing BA to charge it up over and over again is faster if you don't use it and just keep training the whole time. If it fails at that then I'm not liking this update... though playing BA is a bit more enjoyable than training Agility *ugh*. The prayer restore set effect is probably something I'll never use. For Slayer, it means ditching the Slayer Helm and losing the +15% Att and Str. Absolutely not. Again, someone will have to compare the full set against Prossy Top, Bottom, Netz Helm, and Dragon/Bandos/White Boots. I don't think it will do well, especially since Netz and Dragon/Bandos Boots give offensive bonuses too. Maybe make it so the full set gives +4 prayer points/min, and reduce that by 1 for every part you don't use. Then I'd use the boots at least. Trident is pretty cool. I'd say to boost the effect to 1/10 chance, give it the 10% or at least a 5% DB, and give it a good stab/strength bonus too, and then I'd definately get it. I might get it anyway. Now, what >50 monster has the highest hp... Ah! It's the Wall Beast at 105 HP. Or Moss Giants in the Chaos Tunnels at 85 if you can't be bothered getting a Wall Beast. Colored Whip is pretty sweet. For 50 points it should totally give a small bonus. Maybe like +2 prayer for white, +1 str for green, +3 slash for yellow, and +10% HP restore for blue. Or leave it at the colors, I'm totally getting one. Defense bonuses of armor aren't anything special... new Str bonus of boots is nothing compared to Dragon (and you can easily get the money for one in the time it would take to And all the armor should have offensive bonues. Strength at least, or accuracy like the old Fighter Hat did+some others. They really should. Seeing as these are, supposedly, it looks like, made from the hides of these monster dudes. Of course, this isn't just an update with BA. The Agility bonuses are sweet. I approve :)
  11. The Surge spells. I have my reasons. :wink:
  12. Actually, they're pretty fast. They have horrendous defense, and the ringing only takes a second if you do it normally. They also drop tortoise shells, quite often too, which can be sold for a good profit.
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